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What Is the Meaning of Motivation? - Energized by Soul Inspiration

April 13, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 136

What is the meaning of motivation? Motivation means that you are energized by your spirit. You are acting with integrity and you are being you in totality with joy. Motivation is a natural part of yourself and it isn't' something that some people are born with and others are not.

If you don't have motivation it is simply because you are not allowing the spiritual and creative side of who you are to fuel your life. Anything that you use to replace motivation such as coffee, stimulants, other people's energy, other relationships, and so on can never be the equivalent of allowing the power of YOU to fuel you in your creative capacity to change your life into one of your dreams.

If you are wondering "What is the meaning of motivation?" Then you are essentially wondering what would make you feel alive again. You are wondering how to be happy and you are wondering how to find that zest and energy for life that somehow escaped you (or appeared to anyway).

You must learn to connect with the burning desires of your heart. It is hidden in the areas where you have natural talents and abilities hidden with you. It is hidden in that area of yourself that you willingly look away from. That part of you that longs to express itself through art, through singing, through animals, through nature, or anything else that you are personally interested in.

When we were created as a spiritual being, we were meant to take these natural talents and abilities of ours, these passionate interests of ours, and share them with others. We were meant to live with them, live by them as our truth, and use them for ourselves and for others. They were never placed in our hearts for the purpose of forgetting.

Once you reconnect yourself with this place in your soul. Once you drop your judgment and become willing to entertain the idea of having those things you love so much such as those talents, passionate interests, and abilities back in your life, then you will naturally open the door for motivation to come into your life.

Motivation isn't something you have to look for or develop. It is just like you don't have to look for the skill to breath. You already know how, it's in you, and it always will be.

The spiritual side of yourself cannot support you on a path other than one of complete bliss and happiness. Motivation is a beautiful inspiration and gift that comes from your soul to give you the energy to do what you love to do.

If you are choosing a path that is neglecting yourself or a path that is destructive to you as a Being, then you will have a lack of motivation.

Again, very plainly put.... What is the meaning of motivation? Motivation is natural inspiration and energy from your spirit that fuels your ability to create your passionate interest, talents, and abilities. If you are off track in any way, if you are violating yourself in any way, the you will lose motivation.

Spirit wants to be supportive, loving, and guide you to the life of your dreams. It wants to support and energize you into a life of pure fulfillment and bliss.

If you want your motivation you must turn back toward yourself and look at your own needs. You must be supportive of yourself, learn to love yourself and get to know yourself in deeper ways you never thought possible.

Take the time to include you back in your life again and nurture yourself in whatever ways you feel needed. It doesn't matter how or what that looks like to anybody else, what matters is that you rediscover how beautiful you are as a person so that you can share who you are with the rest of the world.

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