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The Power of Autosuggestion and Suggestion

April 10, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 109

"You cannot entirely control your subconscious mind, but you can voluntarily hand over to it any plan, desire, or purpose which you wish transformed into concrete form." Napoleon Hill

Living in a world, as we do, where everything is rationalized and scripted; rehearsed and marketed virally, we begin to forget that facts are subject to change based on whose opinion we are exposed to. Now this may seem like a radical idea but watching YouTube the other day, I came across a video by some gentleman who is being threatened by Zionists, whoever they are, for his views on difference and how those differences make the world the interesting place it is.

So far so good but in defence of his theory, he showed a clip of the line-up of athletes before some Olympic race and stated that the fact that they were all black proved beyond a question of a doubt that they were genetically predisposed to excelling at running races because of the superior reactions of whatever it is that makes people run. I would argue that it is practise that make them so good.

I hate running, I will not even run for a bus, never mind for pleasure but I have had to grow up with other people's assumptions of how tragic it must be for me to be rubbish at sports because of Sickle Cell Disease. It is on those occasions that I am grateful for the opportunity to hide behind that excuse, however, for someone who does not like sport but is made to feel that the aversion to running is somehow contrary to nature because of those "genetic" twitch response muscles, it must be incredibly frustrating.

The idea of Black people being good at races that test speed on the track as opposed to speed in swimming makes me wonder if these twitch muscles become inert in water - if that's the case, which twitch muscles do swimmers rely on for speed in water? Habit, surely, is the only reason that particular skills are developed, finely tuned and honed to perfection. Is it the marketing spin that comes from work-a-day experts such as the gentleman on YouTube that perpetuates this myth? Why hasn't anybody twigged that saying Black people are genetically programmed to run races is like saying that Scottish people are genetically programmed to play the bagpipes better than anybody else. It's ludicrous to assume that playing the bagpipes comes easily just because you are Scottish.

At the risk of sounding flippant, if Black people were targeted towards ice-skating, I'm sure some of them would be very good at it, after all isn't there a 'genetic' propensity for rhythm? The media provides a medium for entertainment and education and sometimes a combination of both but it takes a natural propensity towards discernment to evaluate the sliding scale of "facts" put forward by self-professed experts.

I dare any forward thinking, free-thinker to use the methods of autosuggestion to convince themselves and others, that they are fabulous at ice-skating because they are genetically programmed to excel at pirouetting across ice on narrow blades.

This would prove once and for all that when we believe, through suggestion or autosuggestion, that excellence, is a natural consequence of determination and persistence towards a specific goal, we hone our skills towards that goal whether it is to make ice-skating, swimming, marketing, thinking, writing, running or spin-doctoring seem natural and effortless.

Furthermore I would suggest that the men in the line up for the Olympic race may have been in the line up for other competitions; horse dressage or perhaps gymnastics, maybe chess, if someone along the line had given them the chance to practise a sport other than track or field.

Alison Sellers is passionate about preventing Chronic Illness from becoming an alibi for misery. For her, Sickle Cell Anaemia is rebranded as the platform that provides a strategy for living successfully.

Visit for information and free resources to engage your passion for living.

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