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Not Enough - More Than Confession

February 27, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 138

Ever felt not good enough? Not enough money to go around and it seems the best of life is passing you by? You're not alone, we all do feel certain inadequacies in our lives, and the important thing is to know how to handle these emotions and where to find that contentment in our lives. This article will give you a profound platform to build upon and the elements that are necessary to make an incredible advancement in life.

Some people feel that they are not strong enough mentally to tackle the push and shuffle in life, so they give up effort from trying. There is a secret spiritual event that must be experienced in order to find that lasting solution. First and foremost the need to come to the Lord Jesus completely and receive the salvation he provides by faith. On this foundation, when it seems there's not enough, you can draw strength from his spirit to calm your emotions.

Life in itself is a composite of repetitive acts to achieve certain aims and goals. After awhile these acts lose their excitement and become mere routine, mundane and boring activities. If nothing is done to improve the situation, the spirit of depression, discouragement and frustration override the excitement of living. Many church going individuals are in this state and are seeking for fulfillment in wrong places with bitter consequences. It's a good thing to come to church but that's not enough. There has to be commitment, passion, hunger and thirst for spiritual relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Fame is not enough, notoriety is not enough, material possession is not enough when it comes to that inner completion in life. Many have obtained this status but live miserable inside and some took their own lives and others. In the scripture, the statement is made that the eyes are never satisfied with seeing, we want to see more, hear more, have more, nothing we have is enough, there's always a desire for more.

There's a place that you reach in loving the Lord Jesus that other things become secondary and unattractive. That's when (a) you've learned to die to the motions of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life (b) when the things of the kingdom, eternal life with its values dominate the whole person. It's not enough to just say, I love the Lord. That love must transcend into actions. Here are the appropriate actions and attitudes:

1. A life of holiness - setting oneself apart to satisfy the will of God in our lives and giving in to prayer, meditation and fasting.

2. A Living Witness - The bible says that we're victorious by pleading the blood of Jesus and by having powerful testimonies. It's our testimony that will draw souls to him. We're his witnesses; we're his ambassadors to bear his name to the nations. It's not enough to say I am saved and not be a witness to his salvation.

3. A Life of Joy and Peace - The world is crying out for peace, we have been given the peace that exceeds human understanding to pass it on to this chaotic and confused world.

It's not enough until Christians make the things and the house of God the primary center of their life. Apostle Paul was accused of bringing this intoxication upon the Athenians. See Acts 17: 16-21

• Apostle Paul at the height of his spiritual success and achievement was humbled enough to say, I have not yet begun. In other words my past victories are not enough • God uses people more when they die to self, to public acclaim and to past successes. When all that matters is to please him and bring souls into his kingdom. • When we learn to say, it's not I but him that is working in me to fulfill his divine purpose; our sufficiency becomes fulfilled in him.

It's not enough to say, I'm a Christian, there is...

• Power in salvation • Authority in the name of Jesus • Healing and deliverance in abundance • Comfort for a troubled heart • Hope for eternal life

Are you hungry enough to experience the supernatural power of God? It's not enough to carry the tag of a Christian, yet serve in the temple of worldliness.

Dr. Ephraim John Udofia is the founder and Presiding Bishop of Living Faith Apostolic Ministries. International Mission-intensive ministry, both in foreign and home missions with currently over six churches in three countries. Dr. Udofia is the author of over seven life-changing books. He's passionately involved in church planting, crusades, conferences and ministers' training since the seventies. Dr. Udofia holds a Bsc. in Management, minor in accounting, an MBA, and Doctorate in Ministry (Dmin) with major in Missions. He is a former CEO of Precious Jewels Inc. for 19 years. Also a former banker and security representative holding both State and Federal licences. A financial counselor, motivational speaker, mentor, marriage counsellor and an outstanding dedicated family man. He is happily married with five grown children.

To buy one of Dr Ephraim's inspiring Christian Books, or Money Management Books visit the link ---> Life Christian Books

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