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Getting Rid of the Fear of Failing

April 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 137

Did you know, that it is fairly common that a person refuses to try due to their fear of failing? If failing were an object or symbolic in life, a person would be standing on the ground and equate failing with a mountain... an insurmountable climb. The mountain is visible, but the choice seems so clear not to climb. Comfort sometimes is in safety, so all that happens is a person stares at the mountain or simply avoids it.

I was once that person. How is that any way to live? In essence, the true "failure" comes from not attempting something that you want. Why? Honestly, think about it. How are you to truly know your capabilities unless you decide you are worthy of taking that chance? Ultimately, by taking that chance and doing what it takes to create your own happiness, that is the true measure of happiness and success.

There is nothing wrong with stepping out of the spectator position and taking the stage in your own LIFE. This is your life. Live it, and do not allow fear to prevent you from moving forward or in the direction you are passionately wanting to pursue. I know you must be thinking, "Oh, but that is so easy to say." You are correct, it is easy to say. What is difficult however is waking up every single day, knowing what you want but denying your ability to achieve it. Dreams and/or goals begin with a single thought and are maintained by attitude, perseverance and dedication.

Is it possible that in your first, second or third attempt that you are unsuccessful? Sure. Is it considered a failure, if you are unsuccessful a number of times before everything correctly aligns? My answer is an emphatic, "No!" Plenty of successful people will tell you that they did not achieve what they wanted right away; it was a process. The process though is worth the means, and so are you. Basically, if you give up, you are also giving up on yourself. That in essence is no way to live.

Now, I will get to the basis of what failure signifies. Failure is giving up on yourself. Failure is the inability to give yourself a chance, even after a few bouts of not being perfectly successful. Failure is choosing a life where you are too afraid to try. Then, and only then is that truly a failure.

Pick your head up, and despite what has happened, I am going to try to be the voice of reason and encourage you to get back up and keep going!

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