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Can't Get No Satisfaction

April 11, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 131

You ever wonder why we as humans can never get enough? Because we were designed and created to never be satisfied with anything we have already done or accomplished.

We have a quality within us that never accepts status quo. You ever wonder why someone with billions of dollars is still trying to gain more when everything around he or she says he or she should be satisfied?

It is not because of greed. It is because as a human being, no matter what he or she accomplishes he or she wants to accomplish more. Now some have taken that God-given desire and abused it and turned it into greed, but it was always there.

We should never be satisfied with an accomplishment. Once we accomplish something we should immediately look for greater goals to achieve.

Being satisfied with an accomplished goal will only bring on complacency and depression. Simply because we are designed internally to consistently and constantly want more.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with desiring more and more. This earth is designed to keep us continuously provided with more and more. Every fruit bearing tree continues to grow more fruit even though it may be picked from constantly. Every farm animal continues to produce offspring even though we continually consume them. Plants continually produce oxygen even though we continually breathe.

If we were to only be allowed to get only so much, all of these things and others like them would lose their ability to reproduce and say; "THAT'S ENOUGH!"

But they don't. They continue to supply us humans with as much as we want because we are designed to continually crave more.

The problem is when we take that ability and fulfill our desires at the expense of others and then keep it all for ourselves. Now that is greed.

No matter what you achieve in life, never stop there. Keep striving to go to the next level and don't quit until you get there. Then strive to get higher.

We often think if we could just get to a certain level, we would be satisfied and our lives would finally be content. Not so. Once we achieve a goal WE WILL continue to want more.

There is nothing wrong with that; it is what we need to do in order for our lives to be dynamic. Life is not a static endeavor. It has to have constant mobility to keep it interesting. If your drive you car to a certain spot and sit there for a while, eventually you will get tired of that same spot and want to move on. That is human nature and can not be overcome.

So the next time you reach a goal, obtain a desire etc., don't think it is strange that it becomes old and you want more. Take that desire and run with it to the next level.

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