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So You Want To Be A Supermom?

April 27, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 59

What exactly is a "Super-Mom?"

If there is one thing in life that woman should be given credit for is being a mom. It is the single most underrated and underpaid profession in the world. Yes I call it a profession, Motherhood requires patience and skills. Mom's should be given a gold metal of honor each and every day, a good screw wouldn't hurt either. I'm not referring only to woman by the way, men have proven over the years to be pretty damn good moms, sometimes better than their counterparts. But, what is a Super-Mom? We all know the daily tasks required of being a parent; protecting our children, providing for them, feeding them, clothing them, teaching them, and most of all, loving them. Sadly enough we find parents unable or unwilling to provide basic needs. It is understandable that families have financial issues and cannot afford certain necessities in life, it's difficult we know. But love, the basic key ingredient needed to nurture a child doesn't cost a dime. Having children whether by accident or intent is no joke, it's a huge responsibility. A big part of your life is going to be altered but that doesn't mean having kids is a death sentence. Kids are great even if your child is Damian's doppelganger.

So what is a Super-Mom? Some misguided thoughts are that a Super-Mom is a man or woman who handles it all and by that I mean everything from bringing home the bacon and frying it in the pan; let's not forget painting the house (why is house painting always thrown in there). Today's parents have it harder than any generation, with having to balance career, finances and family life, it is a given that stress soon follows. Statistics show that working moms are less stressed than stay at home moms. Sure, I can see getting stressed when your prime source of communication is with someone younger than your bra. Not to mention that stinking purple dinosaur that is on the TV 24/7, you know, the one that makes you so insane that the only consolation is your nightly glass of Jesus Juice. Alright so face it, no one can do it all alone. Cooking, cleaning, working, chauffeuring, activities, vacations (Ya right!) it's more than a person can handle, especially if you are a single parent, Major hat's off to you.

The Super-Mom syndrome, the myth of what it is to be a Super-Mom is killing us. Both woman and men who attempt to push themselves beyond the limits many times suffer stress related conditions from the demands placed upon them. This attitude of taking life by the balls and running with it is taking a toll, effected are a person's life, business, personal or physical well-being. Really guys you don't have to do it all, that's not what makes you a Super-Mom. If gulping 10 Red Bull's a day is your answer to keeping up, go for it; I'll remember to send flowers! Listen people bottom line is this, you decided to have these kids so buck up and take responsibility. If you didn't want children you should have thought about putting a tent on that tree or closing your legs. Super-Mom's are great, hats off to them but if you are not in the Super-Mom category no problem; not everyone can handle the load. Just take care of your damn kids!

For those of you that want to be real Super-Mom's the lesson is easy. Again, take care of your kids. Love them, teach them, guide them, protect them, communicate with them. Giving of yourself is the key ingredient to being a Super-Mom. Sure they'd probably love you more with an I Pad but tough shit, give them love instead. They will be all the better for it years from now, most likely when your in the grave but better late than never.

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