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How Rapid Application Development Can Save You Money On Your Next Mobile App Development

February 24, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 178

Whether you are developing a mobile App for your customers, fans and followers to amplify your business and brand, or outsourcing the development of an entertainment, gaming or productivity App; understanding how rapid application development can save you money and get your App to market faster is a profit imperative.

What is Rapid Application Development?

Rapid app development touches every part of the mobile app development process to reduce costs and increase development pace. This process includes:

• App & customer's needs evaluation,

• App prototyping,

• Coding and asset creation,

• Testing

• Marketing and promotion

At its core it demands a comprehensive understanding of the mobile application's needs extracted from a systemic and structured needs analysis process which removes ambiguity.

This is then used to achieve planned milestones in each of the disciplines described above on time and then taking these specification certainties to market for testing with real people to test the assumptions made.

This step of testing in the market provides the capability to understand usability and expectations from users, test the underlying assumptions used to create the application and pivot from these assumptions if the expected results are not achieved.

Wow! That sounds complicated and expensive doesn't it?! So how can this save money or be beneficial to get mobile apps to market faster for less?

Benefits of Rapid Application Development

Considering each aspect of the mobile app development process is primarily how this type of mobile development saves money and decreases time to market.

For example, typically no code is written before all parties agree on a working prototype. There are many mobile prototyping tools available for very small financial outlay which mobile developers can use to create prototypical working apps to demonstrate functionality, workflow and appearance.

Using these WYSIWYG (drag & drop) tools to create these prototypes and have the final functionality signed off prior to commencement of code & other asset production allows those processes to proceed rapidly without hindrance, change or interjection. This can also halt a rapid applications deadly enemy, known as feature creep, in its tracks.

This process intern assists with managing resource demand planning for mobile application developers and co-ordination of asset delivery to the fixed milestones dates.

Rapid Mobile Application Development Issues

Of course there are some issues which are often encountered when dealing with less experience mobile developers looking to speed up their development processes. These include:

• Iterating too fast without customer testing

• Attention to detail during the iterations on layouts. appearance and functionality

• No testing with customers

• Asking customers (indirectly) to be the bug tester because testing has not been performed to iterate faster!

Rapid mobile application development is a logical and structured process which can produce beautiful and relevant mobile Apps faster for less.

Simon Richardson in Director at Digital Hinge a Singapore iPhone App Developer focused on rapid mobile application development for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Discover how you can enable your customers fans and followers to make spontaneous, mobile decisions with a Rapid Mobile Application Development

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