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Text Message Service for Administration Functions

April 12, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 142

Text message is now more than just a personal communication function. It is now used to boost many business programs and organizational management efforts. To help you know how else you can use SMS in your company or organization, here are some ideas.

Some doctors' clinics use SMS to help organize daily appointments. Patients are sent reminders about their appointments through their mobile phones. This gives the patients the convenience of instantly confirming, rescheduling, or canceling their appointments. This helps both patients and doctors in managing their schedules. Clinics that do this are also usually thought of as more professional.

Sales management can also be made easier through SMS. Especially if your staff members are doing field work, you can schedule daily or weekly sales target reminders to your personnel. Delivery dates, customer updates, stock information, and other important statuses that need to be relayed can be sent to mobile phones. Other periodic reports and alerts can also be transmitted through SMS.

Similarly, since freelance writing, proofreading, and other online work are becoming common these days, companies with this type of jobs also use text messaging. Some of them even use Internet SMS to automatically alert their freelancers when there are projects they need to write or edit. This is so that the freelancers don't have to check every once in a while if there's work waiting for them.

Schools around the world also use mobile text for many functions. Some schools utilize it as an anti-truancy weapon. They would send an SMS to the parent or guardian of a student who has skipped class. It's said to be used in schools mainly in Europe.

Some organizations also use SMS to help students in university applications and placements. In some countries, students can get trial university admission tests through mobile messaging. You'll be asked to send certain details, including the type of test you want to try. You will then be sent the questions that you'll also answer and send through your mobile phone. The organization administering the trial test will send the scores also through SMS. If you're interested in school placements, on the other hand, you need to send personal details and your preferred courses and schools. And just like that, you'll be sent alerts about any matches.

Sending a text message definitely has many other uses. It's more than sending jokes and emoticons to your family and friends. You can definitely improve the daily operations and certain performances in your company or organization through mobile messaging.

If you'd like to use Internet SMS for your business or organization, visit the M4U website today. Check out their services that can be customized for your requirements and your target audience.

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