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From the Heart Through Text

January 25, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 97

Throughout time the interaction of people and communication has changed and evolved drastically as technology grew more perceptive to people's needs. Mankind went from grunts and pointing, to the elegant art of diction. We utilized inventive and unique carrier pigeons, and then formed a detailed cryptography of Morse code. We combated against the complexities of radio frequencies, after Alexander Gram Bell invented the classic telephone. The 80's brought life to the infamous Zach Morris cell phone, and now we have the limitless abilities of the new age smart phone. We've come from telegrams and snail mail to the practically instantaneous email. And now a new form of communication has absorbed this nation with its asynchronous ability to meet the standards of this fast paced and aggressive country.

The population of the United States is now over 311 million. With over 270 Million cell phone subscribers, the nation is heading towards a text-based communication system. Texting has changed the way people receive information. It gives the recipient an exact message that is more dependable then a delivery from Jimmy Johns on a Saturday night. What makes this even more valuable is the fact that a text message gives the sender time to think and evaluate the information they are trying to convey before they send it. No more fumbling with words or awkward pauses in telephone calls. When instant messaging and chat rooms hit the electromagnetic playground, it was like a 1950's Party Line on steroids. Everyone couldn't wait until they got out of school, or got off work to pound on the keyboard about how their day went to all their friends. The same holds true with texting, but now it's in the pockets of 85% of the public. No need to rush home, just pull it out and tap the keys anytime, anywhere.

I've also noticed when I have poor or no service, I still can send texts, and receive them. This is very valuable in case of an emergency or times when one absolutely needs contact with the outside world. From a philosophical standpoint, another interesting factor is the different degrees of openness one is willing to share in the comfort of their own home, as to the guard they have up when face to face. Being an avid social butterfly, I've noticed the way people speak to me when we meet for coffee and the way they speak to me through text messages. There is a massive difference. When texting, I was able to gather much more information about people on a deeper level then I was just talking face to face. I made more of an intimate connection in two hours then I would have if I spent the whole day with this person. Not to say I wouldn't have gotten this openness spending mutual time together, it just came quicker than I expected. Ones comfort level is boosted to extreme levels when they can control their environments and not be caught off guard.

Some believe text messaging is crippling the interaction between humans. If all one does is text to communicate to another, then I suppose it would be. One would lose the confidence in face to face relations that is necessary to relate with others. One would become socially awkward in a sense. Texting does have a lack of personal qualities. It doesn't have the tone of voice, or the body language behind every shortened word. It has no bass or feeling. It is simply a note passed in class that the teacher can never steal. One personal problem I have with texting is how the common courtesy of mankind is defaced by those who hide behind their phones. It is now being used as a "cop out" for any situation that is deemed uncomfortable. For instance, many believe it is easier to break up with a woman or man through text, because they don't have to face the shame or guilt that comes with it. Many cancel plans or dates, inform loved ones of deaths, and some have even fired employees. Regardless of what you use this feature for, like everything in life it has its ups and downs. Don't become a drone. Balance the way you communicate with others. Be mindful, and think before you text. It can be your best friend, or your worst enemy.

Text messaging in my opinion has amplified the way we receive information. It's not always proper, but it is becoming the most unique way to communicate with others. Nothing can replace the beauty of physical and verbal interaction, but adding new ways for people to receive information can never hurt. The beginning of knowledge is information and Sir Francis Bacon said "Knowledge is power." I'm sure no one can argue with that.

Text messaging is not all bad, and its not all good. It is a tool. Use it to your advantage, and always remember the best things in life are free. Nothing can take away the beauty of face to face conversations, but sometimes its not always available.

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