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Bulk SMS Your Profits - Jet Set Go!

June 12, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 152

In the present scenario of moving between a pace and run, everything has to be done as quickly as possible to secure that extra added advantage. It comes in handy to promote your products or services in a wink. It gives scope for more productive promotion as it is the best way to reach out to millions at the same time. As the mobile users have grown in leaps and bounds, sending a SMS to keep track of them is a very smart idea!

There is nothing to worry about the technical backup, as there are many companies who offer such services these days. The contact numbers can be maintained in a phonebook and can be used after composing the text just by a single click!

- It provides unlimited validity and costs very less

- Single click SMS delivery to hundreds of numbers simultaneously and delivery report provision

- Online address book and group management

- No separate set up cost. Just pay per SMS

- Free chat/e-mail/telephone support

How about these additional advantages?

1. Low commercial and development cost

2. Highly reachable, direct marketing, and scalability

3. Instant content delivery

4. Direct one-to-one marketing

5. Scheduled marketing

6. Efficiency and additional revenue generation

7. Reselling is one of the best things available for you to start your branded SMS

Right from movie tickets to spreading word of your new offers, bulk SMS is the reality across the global village today! One important element of this way of marketing is that here there will be two-way instant communication between the consumer who receives it and the marketer in case the offer is taken. As a marketer, you will have the satisfaction of gauging the feedback within a very short span of time. As the mobile phones are dominating, marketing has become very simple and at the same time very effective. It has become a direct contact medium. One way you can encourage the market to get involved much more is by offering some freebies to the customers who respond to your mobile marketing message.

There is a vast gamut of applications available like the Excel plugin, the bulk SMS software that comes with in-built API. This helps you to reach out effectively and swiftly. The length of the SMS adds to the vast majority of online traffic. It is an extremely cost-effective, highly responsive vehicle that promotes provision of information, drives loyalty, and reinforces branding efforts just like the way you dreamed!!

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