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Review on CandyShell Speck iPhone 4S Case

January 31, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 147

The CandyShell Speck iPhone 4S case has several features to boast of. The variety available in the CandyShell range for iPhone 4S is overwhelming. There is a design for everyone. Specks case offer style, design, and sturdiness, protection from bumps, ultimate shock absorption and sleekness. The CandyShell Speck iPhone 4S case is designed in such a way that none of the phone features is affected. Ports, sensors, speakers, plug connector and camera lenses have perfect cut out around them. However, buttons of the side are covered with press through soft material called TPE.

The basic CandyShell case is made from hard polycarbonate plastic and soft rubber TPE from the outside and soft rubberized material from the inside. The rubbery lining inside the case provides superior shock absorption. The inner lining provides a comfortable fit and does not leave any space for movement or slip out of the phone. The case flexes on and off and the hard outer covering allows easy slide in and out of pockets. The CandyShell Speck iPhone 4S case is available in almost fifteen different colors.

Besides the basic CandyShell case, the CandyShell Flip case is a popular product. It won the iPhone case of the year in 2011 from It has an in-built easy to position flip stand, which also can be used as slip in entry for the phone. The one-third bottom of the phone case can be flipped out and moved backwards to form a sturdy viewing stand. It has dual layer protection design. It is also made with soft rubbery TPE (silicone) material from the inside for better shock absorption and hard plastic polycarbonate from the outside.

The main advantage of the CandyShell Speck iPhone 4S case is ease of docking the iPhone on standard docking stations. It can be docked without removing the case. When the iPhone is resting upon its bottom half for hands free viewing, it provides a perfect angle for surfing websites and watching videos. Another advantage is the easy entry and exits and the raised bezel over the screen that protects it from grazes and scuffs. All buttons are covered with rubberized covers and other outlets like ports, plug connector, speakers have a proper opening.

Apart from the above two designs, the CandyShell Speck iPhone 4S case is available in a smooth satin finish design that provides good grip in spite of being soft touch. A special hard grip design and thumb bump control alignment on touch screen buttons is available for people who use their iPhone often while travelling and for playing games. CandyShell Speck iPhone 4S case designs are extremely sturdy and versatile.

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