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Benefits and Uses of iPhone Applications

March 28, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 161

Today, the iPhone is a powerful and entertaining tool and is being used in various domains like - healthcare, travel, finance, news, entertainment, music etc. When the iPhone was launched in 2007, it was the most advanced touch screen Smartphone. The iPhone is an ultimate PC and one can do all the activities directly on their devices, which they do on a PC. This is the reason why the iPhone has become a large part of our life and many of us cannot think of life without it. The iPhone applications can be used in our daily life to stay organized with our routine activities. Most of the iPhone applications we use support or work in co-operation with web-based tools on our desktop. There are many applications of iPhone that have received lot of media attention. The iPhone can be used from health to entertainment to travel for just about anything.

The benefits and uses of iPhone applications in various domains are as below -


These apps are very useful for the users to live a healthy life. Using these health applications, one can lead a healthy lifestyle. If we have a look at the health applications of iPhone, the best apps that come to the mind are -

1. Atkins Carb Counter 2. Fitness Class 3. Distance Meter 4. Body Fat Calculator


There are a number of travel apps which can be used by the user to view maps, get details about various places, take a tour of various countries and continents, book flight tickets, make car and hotel reservations and do many things directly from their mobile devices. Some of the top popular travel applications are -

1. Translator. 2. Hertz car rental. 3. Tour Wrist.


One can find plenty of books, comics, novels, poetries and magazines in the app store in the category of books. The users are allowed to read and save the books on to their devices. The users are allowed to subscribe or purchase a magazine directly from their iPhones. If they want the previous issues of the magazine they can select it from the archive. Some of the popular apps available in the store in the category of books are -

1. Audiobooks- 2,947 classics for free. 2. Apps Magazine App. 3. FREE True Ghost Stories from Around the World. 4. Tickle Finger in the Jungle. 5. Free Books - 23,469 classics for less than a cup of coffee. 6. Best Self-Help Quotes.


The app has many handy tools which can be used to handle the finances. There are some best applications featured by Apple in the Finance category. With the help of these apps, one can track their finances, expenses, investments, track their portfolios, get real-time stock quotes and updated financial news daily. Some of the best apps available in the store are -

1. Spot me payments. 2. Daily Finance - Stock Quotes and Business News. 3. Spend Free - Personal Budgeting. 4. Pocket-money LITE - Checkbook. 5. EZ Loan Calc - Loan Calculator.


There are some apps for music lovers. There are hundreds of apps for music lovers and using these apps, one can listen to their favorite music anytime and anywhere. They can even tune to their favorite radio stations from anywhere. The iPhone apps brings the best digital experience which combines the best of the world to deliver everything. Some of my favorite music apps are -

1. Pandora Radio. 2. Shazam. 3. Iheartradio. 4. Magic Guitar. 5. Magic Piano.


The app store has some apps in the category of news which acts as a social news reader. These app are particularly for those who has a news personality. These app keeps the user updated with all the latest and breaking news. The users can watch the news from anywhere and anytime and stay connected with the world.

1. CNN App for iPhone (U.S.) 2. FOX News. 3. USA TODAY. 4. CNN App for i-Pad. 5. NY-Times for i-Pad.


There and thousands of apps in entertainment category, which can be used to entertain others. These apps are for fun and pleasure and can act as real entertainers. The user will never get bored with these apps. Some of the popular entertaining apps are -

1. Talking Tom Cat 2. 2. Emoji. 3. Remote. 4. Hulu Plus. 5. TRUTH or DARE!!! - FREE. 6. Glow Draw!

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