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Review of Car Stereo Entertainment

January 14, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 95

Nowadays, car entertainment systems have become very sophisticated. They provide convenience, entertainment, safety, and navigation. Some systems are even upgradable to match the owner's requirements. Even factory entertainment systems that compete with the market is more advanced and packed with features.

Here are some of the entertainment features:

Mobile Movie Theater

You can now watch your favorite movie or concert while you are stuck in traffic. Why wait home if you can do it inside your car? This is also one way to make your kids entertained on long trips with video games or movies. You would not know it if you look at the dashboard, but pushing the button will pop-up the screen and you have a movie theater with a complete surround sound.

Can Play Video and Audio Simultaneously

Most entertainment systems provide dual-zone operation so that the people in front can watch movies while those at the back can play games. Many systems also provide headphone jacks in the rear seat to avoid the interference between different programs.

Multi-Disc Changers

You do not have to bother about storing your CDs and DVDs inside your car. Just load them all to your car's multi-disk changer and play them. Examples of multi-disk changers are Alpine, Kenwood, and Pioneer.

Here are some of the safety and convenience features:

USB Ports

It was just some years ago that USB became the standard way of computer connections, now the front panel of most cars have USB connections. With USB technologies, you can play your favorite music stored in your flash drive, or hook up you iPod, check its contents on the front screen and play them.

Rear View Safety Cameras

These are commonly used in recreation vehicles. Many vehicles have rear view cameras that provide the driver a clear sight while backing up. Many lives have been saved because of these safety cameras and many skateboards and bikes have been spared from being run over.

Hands-Free Cellphones Adaptors

Many states exercise a law that restricts the use of cellphone while driving. But with the Bluetooth technology, you can now connect your phone via USB port and the phone can be control through the front panel. You can also answer the phone by touching the button on the front panel. When your phone rings, the audio system will turn into silent mode.

These are just some of the advanced features of car entertainment nowadays. If you continue to research more, you will find out that there are hundreds of features. In case you are planning to upgrade your car's entertainment system, you can find many options in the internet.

Douglas Murray is an expert when it comes to building stereo systems in cars. He actually owns a little shop in New York. He also provides reviews on double din car stereo reviews at doubledinreview dot com.

His latest double din review is the Pioneer AVH-P3200DVD. Click the link to read the full review!

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