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Pioneer AVIC-Z130BT 7-Inch In-Dash Navigation AV Receiver

March 25, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 170

The Pioneer AVIC-Z130BT is this manufacturer's flagship receiver and includes such advanced features as built-in navigation, vocal recognition and Bluetooth integration which will enable one to swap this receiver into a standard in-dash mounting space and then provide the user not only with up-to-date GPS information but also touchscreen integration of Apple's iPod/iPhone, which, with the right app installed also gives you access to the popular Pandora audio service.

Whether you are just going to an appointment or you must take a trip across half the continent, the AVIC-Z130BT provides you with not only with up-to-date mapping so that you can find the shortest route between the start and end points. Along the way, once you have paired up your Bluetooth phone with the Bluetooth service included in this Pioneer receiver, you can make and take phone calls without taking your hands from the wheel.

Featuring a seven-inch WVGA touchscreen, you have access to not only your routing information, but also your entertainment selection whether you have loaded up a set of CDs or DVDs in a magazine. Indeed, looking at the source lists, you can choose the tracks you want to play so you can make your own play list.

Like other Pioneer devices, though, the AVIC-Z130BT features full touchscreen control of your iPod/iPhone device through the USB link in the front of the receiver. Just a touch of the "source" button and you can access either your own thumbdrive playlist, if you choose to use download your own list from your PC or you can have complete control over Apple's iPod/iPhone. On the iPod you have control of moving forward and backward, stepping through play lists and fast-forward. On the iPhone, if you load the Pandora app, you have complete control over the audio service which including setting bookmarks and playlists.

Interestingly, because of this is Pioneer's flagship receiver, you have automatic updates of all of the maps available. They include not only North America, but also Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico. The display is primarily 2D, although when you are using the navigation feature and are coming up on a turn, the screen turns into a 3D illustration of the turn and a voice tells you to "take a right turn in 25 yards." If you decided to change your route, the navigation feature will also allow you to reroute your vehicle to the ending address.

Pioneer has implemented another new feature that will help you control your iPod/iPhone and that is its own "AVIC Feed" app that allows your Pioneer device to have complete control over them.

And, while you are driving, your phone is constantly checking with "RDS" stations and other sources through the ND-TMC 10 traffic tuner so you can find out about roadway problems ahead of time and change your route to avoid them.

The AVIC-Z130BT also keeps an eye on your carbon footprint to help you keep your fuel use in check.

There are so many features built into this device it leaves you little wonder why it is the manufacturer's flagship device.

For example, there is a voice recognition engine that allows the system to learn your voice and then you can give the system commands by voice and if you have, for example, a large database of phone numbers in your phone, you can simply say "Call Sam" and if there is more than one listed you may be asked which Sam you want. You can even use the voice recognition circuit to control your iPod and iPhone.

Interestingly, not only do you have this act as a front-seat navigation/entertainment device, as the rear has outputs for rear displays and headsets so that you can use it as a complete rear entertainment system.

The Pioneer also offers you four channels that allow you to push out up to 50 watts of power per channel so you have a total of 200 watts of amplification built in. However, you will find that the seven-band built in equalizer will probably keep your sound below the level of distortion so that you always have quality sound and if you use a thumbdrive and such sound sources as MP3 or WMA, both of which tend to compress sound by cutting off the high end, you will find the Pioneer restores the high end for crisp sound.

The Pioneer AVIC-Z130BT offers you many features including four preamplified RCA jacks in the rear so you can add an external subwoofer, an external amplifier and other features such as specialized high- and low-pass filtering.

Finally, you have the option to grow this into a complete replacement system for any high-end radio receiver as it offers not only High definition radio addition capability along with satellite radio, but you can add a camera and the right circuitry and have a full backup camera, a very expensive option on many vehicles.

Roberto Sedycias works as an IT consultant for ecommUS

Source: EzineArticles
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