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Tried and Tested: Marine Hell Week

June 05, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 201

Often referred to as Marine hell week, the Crucible is a final test for new recruits to prove themselves capable of withstanding the oftentimes grueling conditions a Marine will face at some point in their military career. The Crucible consists of 54 hours of field training that is intended to be a way for recruits to demonstrate in the most realistic way possible how much they have learned and what information they have retained. Technically the term "Hell Week" is associated with the Navy SEALS training. However, just ask a Marine who has undergone Crucible if it's appropriate to call the experience Marine Hell Week...yeah!

In weeks 10-12, Phase 3 consists of engaging in simulated combat maneuvers and basic warrior training. Next...the Crucible. You must be disciplined. And, you must be willing to work as a team. This is where you are strong. This is tough, yes. But it is designed to teach. This is also a marker of sorts, where those that are strong will excel; those that are weak will falter. And this is not just about "weak" in the physical sense. Mental toughness is required during Hell Week.

Expect to be cold. Frozen mud will have to be traversed. The participants are sleep and food deprived. Hikes may start in the middle of the night, meaning that this particular six-mile tactical excursion must be completed in near total darkness.

Recruits are then divided into smaller teams. Together, this team will stick it out and challenge and support each other until the end. At this stage of the test, the Marines are looking for intelligence, speed and leadership. In combat simulation, casualties are carried over bridges, walls and through tunnels. These casualties cannot brush the ground.

During the next part, you will be wishing you can go back to the "easy" part of Marine Hell Week. Now recruits must complete over two miles on the ground while low crawling, pushing, pulling and climbing. If even 1 recruits fails, then every recruit has to begin all over. The entire Crucible event comes down to a 10-mile hike with 80 pounds of gear, as well as further combat scenarios and lots of pain.

At the end of the day, this IS Hell Week for Marines. Marines have traveled 42 miles during 54 grueling hours that will feel like a lot more. And, you must solve complex problems, be physically challenged at 36 training stations and reduced MREs. In addition to normal gear, there is also the weight of ammunition, casualties (dummies), and your service rifle.

In the end, every muscle will be sore, feet will be sore and there will be very little enthusiasm left. Still, strength will be mustered for that final march. It's here where they are presented with the Eagle, Globe and Anchor. This is the emblem of the Marine Corps and once it is earned, the recruit becomes a Marine. Well past the time the uniform is worn, what's achieved during Marine Hell Week is not soon forgotten.

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