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Things To Consider Before Buying a Bullet Proof Vest

May 18, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 137

Bullet proof vests are body-armor suits that are worn to protect the torso from penetration of bullets. They are classified in the levels of protection they offer. And since there are a lot of bulletproof vests available on the market today, it is advisable to ask yourself first why you need one and how and where you are going to use it before you buy bullet proof vests.

What are the types of bullet proof vests?

1. Concealable Vest

This type of vest is lightweight because it is made from tightly woven, flexible synthetic fibers. You can wear it under a jacket and it won't show. But it can only protect the body from small-caliber guns. Because when the vest becomes lighter and less obvious, the protection it gives decreases.

But there are some brands that offer better protection with less weight, as well as giving better body coverage.

2. Tactical Vest

This type of bullet proof vest provides the most protection because it can protect you from high-caliber guns like military rifles. And since tactical bullet proof vest are usually worn and used by the military and the police, they must pass and meet the ratings of a Type III or IV.

Unlike the concealable vest, this vest is made from a thick fiber called Kevlar and it is fitted with ceramic armor plates.

How and where to buy bullet proof vest?

Before you go and buy one, you must be working in law enforcement. Because it is illegal to buy a bullet proof vest without any certification.

1. Go online and check the websites that sell bullet proof vests. But before you can buy online, you need to provide a certification, a proof that you work in law enforcement.

2. Look for a law enforcement-supply shop or retailer. Don't forget to bring your ID or badge. Because you can't enter or buy anything in the store unless you are fully identified.

3. After you are in, be ready to have your measurements done. It is very crucial that the bullet proof vest fits perfectly or else, you will feel uncomfortable the entire time you are wearing it.

4. Before you go to the store, you must have in mind what type of vest you want. This will save you time in choosing which model to buy.

5. You must be aware of the different levels of protection that body armor are classified into: Level I, Level II, Level II-A, and Level III-A, which is the highest level for law enforcement.

6. You may want to buy a protective second cover to protect your vest from dirt and dust, so it would be easier to wash.

What are the different levels of a bullet proof vest?

The level classification of bulletproof vests are determined by the level of protection they provide.

1. Level I

The vest can protect you from.22 long rifle lead round nose bullets.

2. Levels II and II-A

The vest can protect you from 9mm and.357 Magnum full metal jacket round nose bullets, and.22 long rifle lead round nose bullets.

3. Levels III and III-A

The vest can protect you from 7.62mm full metal jacket bullets, 9mm and.357 Magnum full metal jacket round nose bullets, and.22 long rifle lead round nose bullets.

4. Level IV

The vest can protect you from.30 caliber armor-piercing bullets, 7.62mm full metal jacket bullets, 9mm and.357 Magnum full metal jacket round nose bullets, and.22 long rifle lead round nose bullets.

More info about how to Buy Bullet Proof Vest, can be found at

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