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Customized Military Rings Are a Long Lasting Tradition Within the Military

April 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 118

The armed forces are made up of different branches of people that all work together to fight for their country and the people within it. Every day the armed forces work hard to keep their home country safe from various external threats, whether they are away on deployment or on base. Their training is grueling and involves long hours often with little praise or thanks, which is why presenting our loved ones with a token of our love and gratitude when they spend so much time away from us is so important.

Customized Military rings can be given to show our loved ones that we care.

The Tradition of the Customized Military Ring The idea of the military ring is not a recent one as it has been around for a long time and can even be traced back to our ancestry. In ancient Rome and in Greece, jewellery would be worn to reflect power and position within an army and to be given a piece of jewellery such as this would be considered a great reward. This is no different today because the range of jewellery that is available is still considered a worthy gift to give. The only thing that has differed by today's standards is the quality of the craftsmanship and the varieties available.

The Wide Selection of options available in terms of customization. Not only can military rings be purchased in a range of materials but they can be designed to include different gems and stones. Engravings can be made on request to add that extra sense of customization, which can include more than their name, also their rank and unit as well. Also Symbols that reflect a soldier's deployments can also be added on to the ring as side emblems so as to reflect their previous achievements and commitment to their country.

Rings made according to specification Military rings are not solely for any particular branch of the military but can be made specific to refer to each section so that army rings are made different to those of the navy or air force. For the army, the ring can be made specific to each unit an individual may belong to. An emblem can also be made to reflect each conflict an individual has been involved in, which is a tradition that goes back to the world wars.

Air Force Rings For the Air Force a selection of rings can be purchased that reflect the very special contribution that the brave men and women that navigate the skies make to every military campaign their country has been involved in since the birth of the first aircraft.

Rings for Navy Personnel For the Navy a selection is available to choose from that mark the skills and experience of military personnel that spend a great deal of time away from their families at sea.

For Marines and Coast Guards For the Marine Corps, a specific subset of rings can be bought, which is also the case for the Coast Guard. These rings like the other military rings can be customised and personalised according to preference.

How to order a customized military ring?

You can order your chosen customized military ring here online in three easy steps ( all major credit cards accepted ), then have it shipped direct to you or your soldier no matter where they are deployed around the world. Shipping normally takes 5 weeks from date of purchase.

Brian Gillet is a freelance author who writes about Military Gifts ideas for all branches of the Armed services. To know more about Brian please visit his website

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