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Hyperactivity in Children: Symptoms and Treatment

February 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 173

Attention Deficient Hyperactive Disorder or ADHD or hyperactivity is one among the most common mental disorders affecting 3 to 5 percent of children.

This syndrome is more common among the boys than girls. Children are generally diagnosed between the ages of three and seven. The symptoms can be seen when they start attending preschool. Medical community believe that the reason might be an improper functioning of the brain, in certain specific areas. This condition can also be genetic. Sometimes exposure to certain drugs or chemicals, alcohol and cigarette smoke during pregnancy can lead to ADHD. Sometimes low birth weight can also lead to this syndrome.

There are several symptoms associated with ADHD. Some of them can be found in normal children too. These symptoms can be linked to hyperactivity in children only if the child reaches an extreme and if his social life gets affected. They include constant fidgeting, finding it difficult to sit in a place and play quietly, running when they are asked not to, talking all the time, impatience in waiting for their turn in a queue, interruptive behavior, losing things and forgetful nature.

The other symptoms include irritability, aggressiveness, fearlessness, harsh behavior, less interaction with other children and sleep deprivation. The fact is that ADHD will not make a child less intelligent, but it will affect his or her learning skills. If the child lacks attention, his concentration will be low and hence the ability to learn declines. Generally hyperactive children find it difficult to get along with other children. ADHD can be diagnosed only by behavioral tests.

The preferred treatment method for hyperactivity is a combination of different treatments. The combination is based on the child's response and needs. Behavioral treatment is the most common one. Behavioral treatment is a kind of therapy that requires parents, teachers and children to learn certain techniques from a therapist, which can improve the child's behavior. This includes managing the childs behavior at home and school with clear instructions and reasonable requests in a calm manner.

Planning the child's daily routine without the disturbing elements, consistent gentle handling of the child and frequent gifts and rewards for good behavior can help in managing the child. Psychological treatments for hyperactivity include cognitive therapy, social skills training, anxiety management and individual counselling. The skills taught to the children with the help of psychological treatments can aid the kids in overcoming the impairments. Medication is also used to treat hyperactivity. Stimulants are known to reduce hyperactivity and help the child gain attention.

There are also other natural treatments of ADHD available. One of the very successful methods is ADHD homeopathic treatment by Brightspark.

Individual treatment (a combination of the above mentioned treatment options) designed specifically for each child can help reduce the disruptive behavior of the child and can help improve self esteem.

Learn about natural and proven homeopathic method to treat ADHD in Children

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