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Do Inpatient Treatment Centers Work?

August 02, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 132

Inpatient treatment centers are places of both psychological and physiological healing. Patients admitted into these facilities are typically being treated for many different types of addiction. While the intensity of these addictions can vary, patients entering an inpatient treatment center are usually severe cases, requiring long hours of special supervision day and night. These facilities have doctors, nurses, psychologists and other specialists standing aside to assist with every single aspect of the patient's problem. When compared to other forms of treatment, such as: quitting drugs cold turkey, trying to "cure" your mind of racing thoughts or going to weekly therapy, inpatient treatment has much greater success rates. It is very important when treating addicts or those with psychological problems to make sure you have a trained professional available at all times. These are not predictable afflictions in that you don't know when the patient will need assistance. Therefore, inpatient facilities are best suited for a full recovery.

Inpatient treatment centers can help with more common issues like drug and alcohol addiction, although special exceptions can include treatment for other types of habit-forming behavior as well. In cases of drug addiction, it is typically normal for them to detox the patient of all chemicals before any kind of recovery can begin. This can be a long, painful process and requires special dedication from both the staff and the patient alike. In cases of alcohol addition, the detoxing process is a little simpler, allowing psychological treatments to begin soon after admittance. Other cases, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, or addictions to things like shopping, might have the patient beginning psychological therapy as the main course of treatment.

Many patients and doctors alike have reported extremely positive results from use of inpatient treatment centers. While the road to recovery is certainly a long, lifetime struggle, being able to enter an inpatient facility allows time to essentially reprogram the patient. By taking steps to eradicate the negative behaviors and replace them with positive ones, it becomes increasingly easier for a patient to keep away from actions which left them suffering from addiction in the first place. On the opposite side of the spectrum, since addiction is a lifetime struggle even after treatment, there is always the possibility that a patient can relapse and begin taking part in addictive behaviors once again. This is why it is extremely important to combine the special treatment received at the inpatient facility with regular therapy sessions in the outside world.

With a lot of care and some perseverance, inpatient services are able to help more and more people fight what ails them and stay on the right track to a healthy lifestyle.

There are many different alternatives to inpatient treatment, each with varying degrees of success and failure. Outpatient services are available for patients suffering from addiction, however, it is often hard for these types of facilities to keep the patient away from the source of the problem long enough to begin the reprogramming process. In the end, the patient often ends up relapsing, wasting their time and the time of the outpatient staff. There are also holistic methods of healing, such as meditation. However, these techniques by themselves have yet to be proven effective when treating any type of ailment or psychological condition.

Written by Brittany Randolph

Source: EzineArticles
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