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Tips To Limit the Extent of Forgetfulness

May 20, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 169

The age most people worry about is reaching middle age. This is where cognitive decline begins. In a lapse of time, we forget what is newly stored in our mind, and start digging clues to remember information. It is annoying that our memory fall off and become less reliable as we age. Conclusively, we begin to think that it is caused by doddering or Alzheimer's disease. We are worried when details frequently pass out of our memory that there is an indication of health problems, but think also of other angle to understand what is going on. Try these helpful tips to limit the extent of forgetfulness:

  • Make it a habit to give your mind a rest after a long and tiring workloads. After taking your siesta, take a look outside your window and stare at the green trees to give yourself a relaxing mood. This will perfectly complement your tired mind and will release all your worries that are blocking your memory.
  • Try the chunking technique. When remembering a long digit numbers such as mobile phone number, you can subdivide its numbers into two digits and so on and so forth, thus creating a mnemonic that could help your memory easily retrieve information. The same applies when remembering people's names. Try to incorporate names about their appearances or put some meanings to give some clues to remember names. And patiently by trying to dissect words from its phoneme form up to syllables that make up words.
  • Try to be organized by categorizing information from household to office matters. Knowing your priorities will save you from forgetting the most important task, and have time to get back to other matters. Immediately act as soon as something needs to be done, don't wait for another task to mess up your fresh memory. It is like putting things into its proper container with some labeling, in order to remind you where you would get it and returning the same. Conditioning your mind into these situations will not clutter your memory.
  • Learn the prowess within you, by exploring new hobbies like answering crossword puzzles, playing Scrabble, memorizing lyrics of song, fretting a guitar, helping your child do their homework assignments, playing old videos of some occasions, or bringing back old memories by looking at old pictures, will somehow keep your mind active and refresh. Remember that memory works well by focusing and concentrating.
  • Planning ahead will keep your mind worry-free and not stumble to important details. Keep a diary with you that will be your companion in writing important information which from the right time you will need. If you will be caught in an urgent situation wherein you will need to leave your workplace or home, just leave a small note to stick somewhere on your desk or door, that will serve as a reminder to redirect you to some unfinished jobs.
  • Make it a habit to double-check everything, in order to avoid forgetting important things to bring and important matters to attend to before leaving one place.

Noel Nicolas Villarosa is a poet, and also writes article about self improvement and motivation. You can read all his poems and articles at

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