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The Secret on How to Memorize Quickly

June 25, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 199

Have you ever wondered if there were some super ninja tactic on how to memorize so to say anything fast?

When it comes to memory, I would say most people today have one of three ways to think about their memory.

One, they think of themselves as having a good memory, two a bad memory, or three they haven't given any thought to it at all.

I would argue that they are all wrong, and please let me explain it, so that you also might be able to learn this quickly (after all, that's why you're here right?)

Once upon a time, probably in ancient Greece, there was a man, lets call him Tron, that ran out of a collapsing building during an earthquake. He just barely made it outside as the last of the huge columns landed right behind his feet, and almost didn't dare to turn back and look at the chaotic pile of crushed stone.

People came running over to the fallen down building, and started desperately to dig and lift up the stones in an attempt to help the poor people trapped, but spent masses of time to dig in all the wrong places, because they just did not know where the people were.

So our hero, Tron, stood on the side and watched the chaos, when he suddenly remembered that he actually knew where several people had been sitting inside the building before it collapsed.

He had walked a time or two through the entire building before the earthquake came, and realized he could remember where people had been sitting, and often how they looked and what they'd been wearing, and so started helping the people flocking to the site, finding the site where their missed family member had been.

Long story short and fast forward a few years, and Tron started using the knowledge he had gotten from this experience to create the first known memory technique termed the Roman Rooms Technique.

What he realized, and here comes the meat for you; large quantities of your memory is space driven.

Now let me say that again in a different way. It's one h#&" of a lot easier to memorize if you take what you want to remember and put it into a physical location that you already know.

Actually that too is a truth that has a lot of modifications to it, but for now, lets stick with the basics. After all, it's the basics that most people mess up the most when they aren't achieving what they are wanting.

To put this to practical use, whatever you want to memorize quickly, you have to make it into a thing of substance (aka. turn abstract things into... well... things) and then once you've got that, place it somewhere that you already have stored in your mind.

Let me walk you through an example:

Say you want to memorize the three biggest countries in the world.

They are; Russia, Canada and China (Not counting Antarctica)

Step one: Making the relatively abstract names into something concrete.

Russia could be a Russian doll, Boris Jeltsin (if you can picture him) or even a bottle of Vodka (Sorry, but that's my top three associations)

Canada could be a hockey player, a Canadian goose down jacket, an actual Canadian goose (if you know how it looks like?) (And DON'T Google it... If you don't know already this wont work)

China could be a little Chinese character with the triangle shaped hat, it could be a porcelain set (aka china) or anything you strongly associate with China already.

Step two: Find a place you already know.

This might be your own house or apartment... As a matter of fact, lets just start there.

Step three: Place the Russian bottle of Vodka in the first room you enter in your home, i suppose your hall maybe, and now for the fun part.


That means think, visualize, hear and feel yourself doing... something... with the Vodka bottle in your hall.

Action is the glue that holds the things attached to the place.

That should leave an impression, and make sure you make this ridiculous, so you could smash your hall and throw vodka all over the place and so forth. You get the picture.

Step four: Do the same process with the Canadian Hockey player and put him in the first room you would get on your left. (This is only so that you have a system in place. Keep left, and always do that, and you'll easily manage what comes first from here on ever.

Keep going to the next and next room, and Boom! You can remember anything.


As with anything, there are many tiny tricks that comes with experience, so let me share two of mine.

Recap what you wanted to memorize in your head when you get to bed that same night. This will make sure you are pretty sure to remember it for a very long time.

And last, your head can actually speed up the actions that you do, so that you can for instance smash you hall with the vodka bottle 5 or 10 times faster than you could do it IRL.

Try it, and you have my word. This is just the tip of the iceberg on how easy it can be to memorize tons of stuff.

So to finish where I started. I would argue that we all have a fairly similar memory (not counting illness'), we just have made different mental scripts on how to use it.

Time to upgrade your script?

If you would like to learn more on how you can memorize quickly, and even learn to cut your study time to less then half, check out the website

and another short article on how to memorize quickly;

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