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Right Brain and Left Brain Specialization

May 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 191

The human brain is a complex organ responsible for intelligence, senses, movement, and behavior. Brain health is an important part of living a healthy life.

We commonly observe children remember things very easily and they enjoy it, but as they grow old they rely more on cramming and other learning styles rather than understanding facts. Does your brain lose its performance as you grow old? You know the answer that brain is the same, the problem lies in using it the effective way. I mean using complete brain effectively, complete brain! You will ask, do we use part of it? Yes.

Dr. Roger Sperry won a Nobel Prize for his breakthrough research while studying the patients suffering from seizure, he discovered the brain is made of left and right halves and they both are specialized in different modes of thinking and perceiving. These brains have different attributes but work interconnected and in a collaborating way. The left brain and the right brain exchange information between them through corpus callosum. You might be aware that the left brain controls the right part of the body and vice versa.

Research suggested that the two sides of the brain have a specific set of functions. You will be amused to know victims of automobile accidents with injuries to the left side of the head lost the ability to speak, but they could still sing. Persons with right-brain damage lost memory of faces and an orientation to their surroundings, even their home. These early findings illustrated that speech and language functions are on the left side of the brain and facial recognition, spatial orientation, and music functions are on the right side. Both hemispheres of the brain are involved in higher cognitive functioning; with each half of the brain specialized in complimentary manner.

Research identifies the left-brain as the Academic brain because educators generally emphasize its processes in the traditional classroom learning, right-brain is the Artistic brain because it is in-charge of creative talents.

Although fields such as science and medicine now pay more attention to these brain processes, education has traditionally neglected the right side, leaving half of a student's brain potential undereducated. However, more and more school systems are using whole-brain learning techniques.

Recently, educational researchers have shown that a balanced involvement of both sides of the brain in the classroom can create surprising learning gains in many types of students: children, adult learners, the so-called mentally dull, and the genius. Thus, these studies conclude that learning can proceed at astounding rates when teachers have students integrate both sides of their brain in a lesson.

As children grow, they will continue to prefer activity on one side of the brain, which eventually can reflect in their choice of a major in college or a career preference.

Know your individual brain preference and your problem-solving style, and then use both sides of your brain to set and accomplish goals and to tackle those difficult challenges.

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