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Power Your Brain With Food - What to Eat to Improve Your Brain Power

May 24, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 153

There are a lot of things that you probably do daily to power your brain. You know that you cannot think clearly without adequate rest, so you try to get as much sleep as possible. You may have noticed that you do not accomplish as much or think as clearly when you are stressed out, so you try to say no to stressful events and cut negative people out of your life. There is one other thing that you can do to improve your brain power: eat healthy foods.

All parts of your body will function better when they receive the nutrients needed for health and proper functioning. Following is a look at some of the foods proven to boost brain power while helping you avoid obesity, diabetes, lack of energy, and other negative health problems.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

In May of 2012, Forbes reported on a study from UCLA that declared sugar can make you dumb, but omega 3 fatty acids can undo that damage and make you smarter. The study looked at the ability of mice to work their way through a maze when they were consuming a diet rich in omega 3, void of omega 3, or void of omega 3 with sugar consumed rather than water. The group of mice drinking the sugar did the worst in the maze, with the group consuming the omega 3s breezing through the maze the best.

This is just one of many studies that show omega 3 fatty acids are a great way to power your brain. You can find these "healthy fats" in salmon and other fatty fish. Small amounts can also be found in many green vegetables. Many people take supplements to ensure they get the omega 3 they need to think clearly each day.

Complex Carbohydrates

Just like all other parts of your body, your brain needs a steady, reliable supply of energy to function properly. This is why those with anorexia or other eating disorders often complain that they have trouble thinking clearly at times. Their brain is being deprived of needed energy to process thoughts and perform other mental skills.

Complex carbohydrates are natural sources: whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits. These are carbohydrates that require some work for your body to break them down and distribute them as glucose in your bloodstream. Your body receives a stream of energy over a longer period of time, which keeps your brain fueled up and ready to function.

Simple carbohydrates have been stripped of the fiber that makes complex carbohydrates so healthy. They are quickly processed, providing a surge of energy and then a sudden drop with no energy being provided. That is why whole grain bread or rice will always power your brain more efficiently than white bread or rice.

When you choose vegetables as your complex carbohydrates, you also take in B vitamins, which are powerful for brain functioning. You will also take in a variety of other vitamins and minerals that will help improve your brain power

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