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Personal Journaling Develops Powerful Minds

May 14, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 165

Some people are naturally born with a remarkable ability to remember. Studies at Stanford University have shown that there are people whose brains are physically different than most brains. Certain areas of their brains are actually larger and they have amazing recall. They remember things from the time they were infants. Many of them have photographic memories and after reading a book once can still see the words on the page. I have a brother who is very much that way - being only a year older than him, and not having that ability was a bit trying for me at times. At a recent family gathering my fifty year old siblings and I sat reminiscing about the past. After a while, it was obvious again that he had this remarkable ability to remember in detail so much that we could not. We enjoyed sitting and listening as he remembered everything for us. We chimed in here and there with Oh yeah, that's right! Or how in the world can you remember that?

It was nice to find out that some people really do have a gift that most of us do not have. It allowed me to relax a little about my inabilities. However, regardless of whether you have the gift or not, I believe we can all develop and improve our abilities. Over the years I have purchased memory programs that teach you how to create visual lists and peg information to that list, or visually create stories that incorporate the information you desire to remember. I learned that creating acronyms in order to remember lists of things is another valuable tool. Memorizing poems and quotes is another way to work on your memory skills.

All of these ideas have value and can help develop memory. Another tool I feel is as valuable as any and costs less than them all is the exercise of daily journal writing. If you want to increase your memory, purchase a personal journal and begin recalling your days. The act of getting the days happenings from your brain onto paper is highly therapeutic. The whole thought process involved requires you to think deeply. Not only are you accessing your memory bank for the moments of the day, but you are tuning in to the emotions, smells, colors, weather, and feel of the day. Pay attention to those things, record them as well. More memory is stored in our senses than we are aware of.

The act of writing the past down on paper actually solidifies or seers the events into our minds. Don't feel like you have to write volumes every day. A few very detailed bullet points will do the job. One topic or event well described is all that is necessary. In time, you not only have a fabulous autobiographical sketch of your life, but you have developed a powerful mind, strong memory skills, and amazingly quick recall.

The best journal for this kind of activity are those with ring binders that allow you to take pages out or add pages. All too often the bound journals prevent us from adding to our story without confusion. Personal Ponderings journals are a good example of high quality ring binder journals. They also come with a travel companion for on the go journaling. Sold at very reasonable prices, their value cannot be beat. Take a look at

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