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Multitasking Kills Your Memory: Improve Your Memory by Focusing on One Thing at a Time

June 19, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 212

We all know what it's like: There's so much to be done that it seems like we HAVE to multitask in order to get everything done. But what are we doing to our brain when we multitask?

Doing too many things at once can slow you down by as much as 50% and cause huge stress to the brain. You are actually much less efficient while multitasking. And dividing your attention between a number of different things can cause short term memory loss.

Of course we all do it. Sometimes it's even necessary -- especially when you have a lot of people making a lot of demands for your time. Just ask any mother of small children!

But most of the time it's NOT necessary. And it's usually counter-productive.

What's crazy is that multitasking doesn't get things done any more quickly! When attempting to do two things at once, your brain will automatically temporarily shut down one task while it focuses on the other. Your brain is only capable of working on one task at a time. So multitasking does not actually save you any time at all. It gives you the illusion of enhanced productivity, but the quality of your work suffers greatly. While multitasking, your ability to take in and store new memories is SEVERELY hobbled.

Reports show that even attempting to multitask can reduce your cognitive abilities. Bombarding the brain with several streams of information can make it difficult to concentrate, recall things, or switch from one job to another. People who multitask are often easily distracted, since your brain just can't process more than one string of information at a time.

According to various studies and brain scans, intense multitasking produces a stress response in your body, in the form of an adrenaline rush that can be damaging to brain cells.

Short-term memory loss can be a warning sign to stop multitasking and to start focusing your attention on one thing at a time. Managing two or more tasks at once limits the brainpower available for either task, whereas uninterrupted concentration and focus allows long-term memory absorption.

So next time you are about to juggle two or more tasks at once, remember that not only will it result in a poor quality job but it could also prove to be greatly detrimental to your brain's health. The key is to eliminate distractions, and focus on doing one thing at a time.

Mike Weller is a memory improvement and brain fitness expert. Mike can help you improve your memory skills and overcome absentmindedness. Improve your memory skills by visiting Mike's web site, Foolproof Memory Improvement, and signing up for Mike's email newsletter, which is packed with memory improvement tips and techniques.

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