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Increase Your Memory Capacity!

April 14, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 195

Memory is a result of complex neural processing and intercommunication so if you are acquainted with the principles driving it you will be able to adjust it in your favor.

1.Nootropics - Nootropics are supplements and medication that facilitate enhancements in cognition, memory and learning. You will find prescription medication, supplements, herbal material such as teas and others in this group. It is not uncommon for nootropics to support neural growth (neurogenesis) and protect existing neurones (neuroprotection) by varying mechanisms. They are generally well tolerated posing no toxicity nor giving rise to side effect, apart from the positive effects, so you don't need to be apprehensive about their use. The most common and popular representative of this family is a supplement called Piracetam, which increases the density of NMDA receptors and "sensitizes" AMPA receptors (both implicated in memory) bringing memory and cognitive benefits not only to Alzheimer's and similarly, cognitively, impaired patients, but to healthy individuals as well. Opposite mechanism to Piracetam uses alcohol which "desensitizes" these NMDA receptors. This is the main reason behind alcohol-induced memory impairment and neurotoxicity. I have had good results with piracetam in improving focus and making memory retention an easier task without having to worry about any surprising side effects as this substance has been around for decades and thus has been subject to a legion of studies. Nevertheless, you can not solely rely on a pill to make your memory grandiose, because that is not going to happen, contribution from your side is required. Consider this approach as a catalyst to achieving your goal, a solid memory, and combine it with techniques discussed next for best outcomes.

Meditation - Practicing meditation and mindfulness can truly benefit your focus and harmonize cognitive elements making them more efficient and easier to maintain. This increase in order will make storing memories and lucidly navigating within those memories possible. Not only does meditation bring psychological benefits, or virtual if you like, but even causes morphological (physical) changes within your brain as this statement from a study supports: "Using magnetic resonance imaging, we observed higher gray matter density in lower brain stem regions of experienced meditators compared with age-matched non-meditators." I try to practice meditation daily for at least 10-20 minutes, which might not seem a lot, but is sufficient enough because persistence is more important than intense, short-lived output. If you feel like spending more time meditating than that then certainly go ahead and utilize the extra benefits. Meditation mostly enables me to process, understand, and consolidate the techniques and exercises dedicated to improving memory, which are of primary concern and will be discussed next, rather than drastically improve memory on its own.

3.Memory improvement techniques - What I have learned on my journey towards an astonishing memory is that the primary path to attaining a proficient recall ability is comprised of, frequently, practicing exercises which have been developed specifically for boosting memory. Practice brings about strengthening of applied neural connections and hence is so important to master anything conceivable. The memory-enhancing techniques include learning to engage and connect various senses to events desired to be remembered, creating mental palaces (a.k.a method of loci), making connections among unrelated objects, modifying sub-modalities (mental images), and many other similar practices, which often borrow from psychology. This might sound like a lot of work and unknown terms, but if one has a proper guide and 5-15 minutes a day then with a tiny speck of effort even the greatest layman will quickly start impressing himself and others with his extraordinary cognitive integrity and memory. Before I started practicing any of such techniques I was solely relying on meditation and supplements, which gave me some results but nothing overwhelming. Therefore I did what I always do when I want to take it to a whole new level - turn to literature and research thoroughly. I acquired a handful of books on memory improvement and only then I began noticing real changes, bringing me out of my depression-induced brain fog into a state flooded with lucidity. From then on memorizing became gradually easier, which could have been observed in my grades - I went from an average of 75% to 95% within a time of 5 weeks. Therefore I encourage you to really look into the various memory improvement techniques and start practicing them on a daily basis.

Another worthy piece of literature you might want to consider is Rhetorica ad Herennium, which is an archaic, yet fully relevant and applicable, book filled with tips on utilizing memory. The ability of remembering perfectly was even more demanded in the times before Gutenberg era, before print was invented. Because books and information were scarce back then you had to get the most out of a single or few readings. It was originally written in Latin, but there are many translations; the location of one such, free, translation you can find in the resource box.

Present diet and cultural habits greatly inhibit our mental clarity and so memory. Following the presented tips will enable you to rid yourself of these constraints and to discover what memory can really achieve if treated right. So stop thinking about what your memory could be like and try it for yourself!

More detailed information on this topic, including various memory improvement techniques and the free link for Rhetorica Ad Herennium, can be found here: Unleashing your memory's full potential

enjoy the diverse benefits of a stunning memory!


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