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Improve Your Memory Information and Suggestions

March 18, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 112

The human brain is very complex, and memories are stored in different parts of it depending on focus, concentration, and how long a person spent studying a piece of information.It takes about eight seconds on average in concentration before a short term memory gets transferred over to long term memory, and that can mean an event getting deleted from our human files or lost in a non-retrieval mode.

Instant recall can be an elusive thing for many people, and it tends to get explained away as advancing age or some other physical means with no way to control it or improve your memory.In fact, there are many great methods that you can use in order to become better at remembering things, and all it takes is a desire and be willing to do a few things on a daily basis to help you on your way.

Repetition is a fantastic tool that we can use to remember something better, such as repeating aloud a grocery list over and over in the car on the way to the store, or a person's name that you just met.This engrains the information into your mind and also gets you past the eight second mark where the memory becomes long term and stored for faster recall.

Also try to associate an event, name, or other subject you are trying to remember with a funny story or relevant happening in your past.This can also help to cement the story with the thing you want to remember and you should be able to access it from the recesses of your brain much quicker.For example, if you are trying to remember that your doctor's appointment is at 3:00 you can picture the "Three Little Pigs" sitting around the doctor's waiting room reading magazines or something like that...A funny story like should be easy to associate with the event and also make it more fun in helping to improve your memory.

Practice focusing and concentrating more on the event at hand, and you will also get better at remembering things.Don't be thinking ahead or of other things when you are meeting a new person.Concentrate on what they are saying, their name, and try to relate to them in a way you will remember down the road.Do they look like someone you already know?Are they saying something that you can associate with another event to make for easier recall?

There is also some great training available on the internet in an eBook or course form, and I recommend finding something that you can relate to and learn something from.If you are serious about improving your memory over time, you'll need to set some goals and work hard to achieve them on a daily basis.Doing a few things differently every day can really help you develop certain habits that will make you successful in increasing your memory skills.It takes about 21 days or so to engrain a habit into your psyche where it becomes a normal part of your daily life.

Jeffrey Ferris is an expert on improving your memory, and you can learn more about how to improve your memory at

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