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How to Memorize a List the Fun and Easy Way

May 18, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 147

Why is it that some people seem to be born with a good memory while others struggle with even the simplest memory task? It may be because people don't really understand how their memory works. I'm going to show you a simple and fun memory trick that will have you looking forward to any opportunity to memorize a list.

The absolute key to making your memory work for you is to connect the item you want to remember with a strong emotion or see it with vivid imagination. If you think back in your own life, you'll find that the events you remember most clearly are the ones that are so much different from ordinary life that they stand out. You may even wish some of the more painful memories would go away. These events are stamped in your mind because they contain vivid emotional and mental images. The more emotion and imagination you can tap into while memorizing, the easier your memorization task will be.

Suppose you want to memorize a shopping list which contains ten items. For our crazy example, we'll use the following list:











Realizing this is not a typical shopping list, we are nevertheless going to memorize it.

Going back to what was said earlier, the more vivid, outlandish, far-fetched, wild, painful, funny and stupid the mental picture is, the easier it will be to memorize.

Starting with basketball, we want to connect it somehow with bread, since they are the first two items in the list. Imagine that you throw a basketball with such force that it flies all the way to the bakery and slams into a huge pile of bread, causing the pile of bread to explode in all directions. Try to visualize this and actually hear the sound of the ball as it hits the bread. See the bread explode into millions of tiny dough fragments. Get the idea?

Now, we need to connect bread with nails. Imagine that as the dough fragments fly through the air, they turn into millions of razor-sharp, shiny nails. As they fly in all directions, they make a whistling sound that is deafening and you have to duck because they are coming at you.

The more physical senses and emotions you can include in your scenarios, the stronger the link will be between the items. On the other hand, if your links are plain and ordinary, you won't remember them. Get crazy!

Continuing down the list, suppose now that fifty-gazillion nails fly over and poke holes in the largest cement truck in the world. The huge load of cement gushes out and spills all over. Embellish the scene with as much crazy detail as you can.

The cement rolls out of the gaping hole in the truck like a flash flood and slams into an apple orchard. The force of the cement hitting the apple trees causes the apples on the trees to fly off in all directions. Again, take it to the next level with your own imagination. If my example doesn't do it for you, create a vivid picture of your own.

As the apples fly off the trees, they knock over a milk silo. Who cares if there isn't such a thing as a milk silo. Make it up anyway and make it as large and milk-filled as possible. See that whole silo of milk spilling all over the ground, washing away cars and everything else in its path.

We all know that milk is a conductor of electricity, right? The milk flows into thousands of homes causing all the light switches to pop and catch fire. Millions of light switches are burning all over the country and the only thing available to put out the fire is ice cream. Hordes of firefighters are throwing gallons of ice cream on the light switches, hoping to put out the fires.

As luck would have it, the firefighters are successful, and to celebrate, they throw the biggest barbecued hamburger party the world has ever seen. In fact, they use their grills so much the paint peels off and they have to be repainted. Throw in more detail and you have a link you can easily remember.

The cool thing about this system is if you get stuck on one link, you can work your way back and figure it out. You can start at the beginning, the middle or at the end. It doesn't matter since all links will take you where you want to go. If you continually get stuck on the same item on the list, it's because you need to strengthen the association between that item and the next with a more outlandish mental picture.

If you followed along and made the mental associations above, you've found you really can keep a list of items in your head and you won't have to write it down. Have fun with this and use it for all your lists. If you do, you'll soon discover many other things this technique is useful for. Do it from now on and you'll be saving your mind and a tree at the same time.

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