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How to Improve Your Memory for Career Enhancement

February 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 154

Memory plays an indispensable part in our career. Each and every human being knows very well that excellent memory can yield wonderful results in their life. Students, working executives or self employed professionals all of them yearn to improve their memory. Psychologists have worked really hard to understand the internal processes going on in our brain and nervous system to understand the intricacies of our capability of memorizing.

As far as improvement in our capability of memorizing is concerned, we need to follow the simple rules, which are always handy. Some of those rules are enumerated below:

Avoid Depression: Depression is such a lethal state of mind in living organisms that it distorts the ability of comprehending the surrounding events or words of other people. Focus: When we talk about memory improvement, it means that we need to have focus of mind to avoid those events which are completely irrelevant. Just imagine a person who is taking lectures in History but spends his time watching the color pattern of the class room. In such case he may end up remembering the color pattern and forgetting about the words of lecture. Balance of Emotion: Don't let your emotions go haywire by watching excessive movies, sporting events etc. Our mind is a machine and emotional states of artificial happiness or sadness created by movies and shows can tire the mind. Meditation: It is common for people to think about different types of postures of meditation. If you want to do the posture based meditation which is derived from Indian system of Yoga, you may go ahead and do that. You can also fall in the state of meditation by doing physical exercises. Only make sure that your mind doesn't divert to irrelevant thoughts and fears while you are meditating. Balanced Diet: Eat the diet which is balanced and meets the needs of your body. Make sure that you eat so that you can live but never indulge in binge eating. Practice: Our memory works very well when we practice to remember. Over the years it has been found that excessive and long stretch of repetition may not give appropriate results. It would be better to do repetition and then give some rest to our mind. Excess repetition often results in failure to remember. Confidence: This is the most important requirement for excellent memory. If your are not confident about your ability of remembering, you will end up losing the capacity of memorizing. So it would be better to have confidence in yourself.

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