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How to Improve Memory Power Without Trying

May 10, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 92

Learn how to improve memory power. Your memory is one of the most precious gifts you possess. You alone are responsible for maintaining and improving your memory. The more you do to improve your memory, the longer it will serve you. There are many things you can do to improve your memory. In this article I will discuss some of the simplest life changes you can implement to improve your memory power.

Simple life change number one, get a good nights sleep. This is such an easy solution to boosting your memory power. If you're not getting enough sleep you could be depleting your brain power which in turn will affect your memory.

There have been numerous studies conducted to document the effects of sleep deprivation on memory. In an attempt to avoid the boring statistics I will simply summarize their results and conclusions. People who had a good nights sleep could easily recall information as opposed to groups that were sleep deprived.

Researchers concluded that those individuals that were well rested exhibited significantly better recall than those individuals who did not sleep well. Well rested individuals were able to consolidate and strengthen their memory. They also concluded that sleep helps consolidate and strengthen your memory and while sleeping your brain actively engage memories, which leads memories to be strengthened the next day after a good nights sleep.

Simple life change number two improve, your physical shape. You can boost your brain power and get your memory back on track, simply by doing a little exercise. Whatever your physical condition is now, can be improved. The benefits of improving your physical condition will also improve your memory power. There is actual science behind this known as "mind body connection".

Inside your body there is actually a physical connection between your brain and your muscles this is called the "neuromuscular junction" and the chemical exchanges that happened between your mind and your muscles are essential when it comes to your ability to move.

Simply put getting regular exercise such as walking, or engaging your muscles in physical activity can result in a heightened awareness and improve your memory. Aside from all the memory benefits, you will also be getting stronger and healthier.

Researchers have concluded that exercise further affects memory, and your overall health. So why not start a simple walking program? Depending on your degree of fitness you can start a simple three days a week, 45 min. a day walking program. As your fitness level improves you can increase your fitness program by adding resistance training.

In this article I talked about to of the simplest methods to improve memory power, there are dozens of ways you can improve and preserve your memory. In this series of articles I'm going to start, as I did today with the simplest lifestyle changes you can implement right now. What could be simpler, then forcing yourself to get a good night sleep, or taking a walk to begin improving your memory?

In my next article I will discuss brain boosting foods you should add to your diet. For more information on how to improve memory power, and receive my free memory improvement mini-course visit my blog at:

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