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Great Tips for Improving Memory!

February 11, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 170

Increasing your mental capacity is like upgrading your computer's hard-drive, not only you gain extra space but also are able to access the stored information more readily. I myself have been wondering how to install this "upgrade" and by a process of trial and error found the following to lead me there:

1. Nootropics - class of, usually freely available, supplements known to facilitate memory formation and retention processes. Among these piracetam is probably the most popular and effective representative. In general, this substance works by increasing the density and sensitivity of certain (NMDA) receptors implicated in learning and memorizing. Some of you may think that this is a drug and should not be taken without a clinically relevant need because it may cause harm, however you couldn't be further from the truth as piracetam has been around for decades and subject to legions of studies proving its low toxicity and high efficacy.

2. Becoming perceptive - an acute eye for detail and a clear mind are imperative to becoming proficient at remembering, because if you are confused it is difficult to make the right associations in your mind. The method I used to enhance my perception is by practicing mindfulness - just try to calm down and pay attention to your surroundings live in the moment rather than in your head.

3. Mental exercises - lastly and most importantly you need some practice as practice has been proven to promote changes in neurology, reinforcing the corresponding skills - in other words the neural connections responsible for your memory formation will be strengthened making your memory retention more efficient and powerful. Some techniques, if applied appropriately, that will lead to such changes in neurology are called memory improvement techniques, which find their basis in many concepts inherent to psychology. One of these, which I have been practicing most enthusiastically, involves modifying of mental images. If you wish to engrave some memories into your biological storage device simply create a lucid mental image of the event/contents wished to be retained and make them bright, large and colorful as these vivid attributes tend to "stick" more significantly. This specific practice can be found under the name submodalities (originates from NLP) and there are literally hundreds of similar exercises similar to this one and all of them will place you on a path to omnipotent recall skills.

Give the tips a chance and soon you will be enjoying the benefits of an agile, perfect memory!

More detailed information on this topic, including various memory improvement techniques, can be found here: Improving your memory

enjoy the diverse benefits of a stunning memory!


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