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Friendly Tips to Remember Your Phone

April 13, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 160

We humans tend to forget a lot of things in our life. Moreover, the pace at which we work does not let us have peace, right? We are always into various thoughts in our mind and finally that results in many stupid things that we do. Well, did it ever happen that you forgot your phone at home, in office, in restaurant or even in the washroom? In case, you do not want to repeat that then some tips that can help you remember your phone are mentioned below.

Your phone is a very important device and helps you get connected with your loved ones and your business partners too. All work and no play makes you feel compact in your thoughts. Due to this, the first thing one might need to do is to keep your mind free most of the time, especially, when you are on the phone. Once the phone call is over, you can remember your phone easily. Well, that was just the first tip. Does that make sense?

Most of the times, we forget the phone at home before leaving urgently for work or partying. One needs to keep the phone with him or her for getting in touch and for emergencies too. It is really not a great idea to forget the phone or lose it. That time, we can remember some tips in order to avoid forgetting the phone.

  1. Keep the phone in such a place where we see it most of the time. How about keeping it infront of the mirror, or on the office bag?
  2. Most of the times, we forget the phone when it is kept on charging. If we keep the charging point in the place which is always infront of our eyes, then, we would surely not forget the phone at home.
  3. Simple tips always help us. We can tell our children and our spouse to help us remember the phone.
  4. Initially, you can carry notes of your important things to carry until you get habitual to that. This can be a great idea because then you will get used to carry your phone with you.
  5. Finally, make a strong decision that you will remember your phone, no matter what. Strong decisions always work positively in our life.
  6. Well, that gives us some hope that from next time we won't forget the phone at home. How about some tips of remembering the phone when we are outside?
  7. Keeping a watch on our pockets may help because most of the times the phone remains in our pockets.
  8. Hanging the phone around our necks so that there is no chance of keeping it down.
  9. Sometimes, reminders on the other devices like computers and laptops may also help.

Finally, all the contacts in the phone should remain intact because they play very important role in your life. After all, your phone is a very important device for you, isn't it? Well, if that's not all, you can always take out sometime for doing a quick research on how you can remember your phone, right?

Get more help with how to remember your phone and make sure that you don't suffer from nomophobia.

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