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Brain Training Software - Computer Interventions for The Rest of Us

February 08, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 153

Brain training software are creating their own prominent spots on the digital mantle-places of many baby boomers. It used to be that all thought of brain development techniques were restricted to babies and anyone who was recovering from serious brain trauma. Such programs as Baby Einstein (TM), and Brainy Baby(TM) caught the attention of parents who were looking to give their babies that competitive edge. All of that is changing now.

Brain exercise games and other tools are becoming popular as studies are proving their effectiveness. From the BBC in the UK, to the Iowa Healthy and Active Minds Study in the USA, and even an Alzheimer's Group from Australia; all of them are looking into how brain training software can help the aging population create sharper minds and live more dynamic lives. It seems that these savvy computer programs are causing new dynamism in neural connections within the brains of older folks, giving them increased attention spans, better cognitive skills, and even increased peripheral vision. Times are certainly changing.

The story does not end there either, as young professionals and even students are finding that to varying degrees, brain development software are useful in increasing standard intelligence. As measured by standard IQ tests, some of these software have been shown to increase intelligence, increase reading skills by tapping into our photographic memory capabilities, and promote faster mental reaction to everyday situations. If a student can, for example, increase standard college or high school test scores by 20% in a 8-week period, the investment in the software can be considered as justified.

The question that may come to mind immediately too, is the matter of video games. Is there an advantage to playing video games instead of buying brain training software? Research so far are not supporting that view. Video games tend to lock people into situations that are restrictive, starting with a console that has so few buttons or keys. A keyboard on a standard laptop or desktop pc offers more versatility, and builds on knowledge already gained from using computers for several years. Research is also pointing to several benefits from using the larger screens provided by standard computers.

Perhaps the most decisive factor to consider when looking at brain training software is the research that goes into these products. Video games are created primarily for entertainment. There is a huge difference between focusing on entertainment compared to building software for intelligence training. Software companies such as Lumosity(TM) Games, Posit Science, Zox Pro (TM), and High IQ Pro, are offering some evidence to back their claims of effectiveness when it comes to brain training for young and old.

Brain Training Software can make a difference on the job and at home. Increase your intelligence with the most effective Brain Training Software on the market today. Then discover tips and tricks in: Brain Training today.

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