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A Little Concentration to Improve Your Memory Goes a Long Way

March 18, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 97

Most people probably think they have had memory problems at some point in time, and much of it is attributed to aging and the natural process of life.Some of that is true, but maybe not for the reasons you have perceived.Believe it or not, there are many great ways to help improve your memory over time.

When people are young, they spend most of their time studying and going to school in search of good grades and graduating.They can spend 22 years or more in grade school, high school, and college stretching and exercising their brain muscles in constant mental agility drills through studying for their coursework.This has the effect of keeping the mind sharp and quick and ready for the next challenge or obstacle.

However, once people move out from the formalized education process they have spent so many years in, they tend to get settled in their job or activities in life and their brains do not get the workout they were used to getting before.As with any muscle in the body, if it does not get worked out it has a tendency to atrophy over time, and the brain is no exception.This is the process that happens to most people as they age, and most see it as a natural process or result of getting older.It is not an irreversible process though, and with some training and mental agility skills you have the ability to improve your memory.

Repetition is a very good tool that you can use to help improve your memory as you go about your daily life.You can repeat out loud your grocery store list over and over in the car on the way to the store, and chances are good that you will remember most of your list when you get there.Repeating a person's name a few times when you meet them can also help to cement that memory into the long term part of your brain.On average, it takes approximately eight seconds of focus and concentration on something before it gets transferred over to the long term portion of your memory, and if you frequently spend less time than that it may not get stored properly.

Spending a little extra time concentrating on the present and what you are doing at the time can really help you to improve your memory.Most people are thinking about their next task or several tasks and they forget to spend time on the current task and end up missing much of what was said or done.Try to place things or events that you are trying to remember into a context, possibly a funny one that will pop out at you.

Visual imagery is also a very important tool that you can use in order to improve your memory.Picture a color, place, object, story, or something else you identify with to associate with what you are trying to remember, and it should help you immensely.There are many other great ways or methods to help improve your memory, and I also suggest a good training course or online eBook to give you some mental agility drills that you can incorporate into your everyday life for more practice.

Jeffrey Ferris is an expert on improving your memory, and you can learn more about improving your memory at

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