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Samata Meditation - A Journey of Altered States of Consciousness

February 19, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 175

Samata meditation is a journey within the discipline of meditation. It enables the meditator to journey into different states of consciousness resulting in refining the physical, mental and spiritual bodies to such a high vibration that they are able to fast track the ultimate goal of Self Realisation.

Did I say fast track? Maybe a little effort is required.

The idea is that as you penetrate deeper into your consciousness you must recognise any imbalance. The imbalance on all levels must be corrected and brought into harmony in each state.

Mainly that is done in an aware physical state of consciousness. Meaning you must bring what you have learnt and 'personify it in your everyday life'.

Knowledge is important so let me begin to explain these altered states of consciousness and their impact on you as a seeker of the Ultimate Truth.

The first state is the physical, the Conscious Mind otherwise known as wakeful consciousness.

It is vital that your physical life is orderly and as pure as you can possibly project. Your body must be clean and healthy, it is said that a good yogi always bathes before meditation. You must also cleanse the lower mind, by thinking good thoughts and doing good actions, this includes no alcohol or drugs.

Now you are asking why? The answer is that the mind as you will discover is a powerful enemy.

But it can be a good friend and you need a good friend for this transcendental journey, not a deceptive mind.

You do not need to be a vegetarian but perhaps meat and processed food can be lessened or omitted from your diet. And seek the company of true like-minded people.

You must always sit in the same place to meditate as this then becomes a habit and the mind immediately calms down and the initial ritual of meditation is easier.

Make sure you have a small cushion and place it under your coccyx; this enables the spine to be perfectly straight, which is important for the movement of energy along the spinal column.

As you move deeper within the memory bank of your mind, although not yet in the state of meditation you will pass through the Sub Conscious Mind, which is the mind of impressions. The state you are in is what Patanjali referred to as contemplation, an altered state of mind beneath the physical mind.

This is a vast forest of desires, memories and temptations and you must pass safely through. Unfortunately you will be lead astray, tempted by the subtle tricks of the mind and immature ego.

Your back will begin to ache, your legs will twitch and the time appears to drag, it will try to bring you back to the physical state. Fear begins to rise within you until you begin to think you are no longer breathing. Remember that this is the source of all physiological processes and they will also come into play, you must take no notice but continue as the next state is a great challenge.

The next level you will enter once you have gained a right of passage through the previous states is the Sub Sub Conscious Mind. This is a part of your mind that lies deep within the sub conscious mind and it is The Mind of Subliminal Traits.

In yoga we believe that this area consists of the combined vibrations that have entered your sub conscious mind, good or bad. If a vibration enters the mind from a physical experience word or deed at the same intensity three times is remains in this mind of subliminal traits and becomes part of your nature and belief system.

For example if you put your hand in the fire and it burns, and you make sure by putting your hand again in the fire you will instinctually never put your hand in the fire again because you will be afraid, your nature becomes so that you would not go near a flame or even heat.

The same happens if for example someone calls you "stupid", and they keep it up maybe when you were a child, you will believe that you are stupid. You have been conditioned and your nature has changed, your physical reaction will be altered and you will act, verbalise and continue to believe you are stupid.

Remember that this part of the mind causes the physical mind to react in a positive, negative or mixed reaction. You must be strong and determined to erase these negative traits as they flare up and try to stop you from going deeper, for now you have begun meditation, you are almost there.

If you return to the physical state at this point you will feel that you have experienced altered states of consciousness. When you next come out of meditation linger for awhile and be aware of how you feel mentally and physically.

Take note of your dreams, write them down, be aware of your actions and reactions daily and you will be amazed as to the change in you, your skin will glow, you will be more alert, centred, energised and refreshed.

Remember that along the way these states have many planes, many layers and may take time and effort to transcend, but it is worthy it. And we are not finished yet.

The next state is the Super Conscious state of the soul; here the intelligence of the soul comes into its own, now you no longer exist with an immature ego, but a mature ego operating with the highest intelligence you possess.

You are within the mind of light. You have reached and bathe in deep meditation beyond the wakeful, dream and deep sleep state. This vibration of the fourth state will now react through the lower states of your reality, your soul is awakened and you will experience the bliss of Sat-Chit-Ananda, the bliss that passes all understanding.

You are Self Realised. No longer do you have duality of consciousness but non duality a spiritual consciousness.

But it is not the end of the journey there is one more, another level.

In yoga we know that there is another state of mind to transcend it is the fifth and final level called the Sub Super Conscious State. In attaining this level we are able to bring clarity, intuition and insight into the other states of our consciousness including our own everyday life, a life that has changed dramatically since we began our journey of altered states of consciousness.

You will loose many friends along the way, even your way of life and thinking will change as you will have succeeded in refining your vibration and walk along the path of The Masters who went before.

Swami Durgananda - Spiritual leader of Samata Yoga and gifted healer has been teaching yoga, meditation and philosophy around the world for over 40yrs. Swami has a profound understanding of the universe and the human condition through her articles and books she shares her knowledge with compassion and humour teaching us how to bring balance and harmony into our lives. Visit for more about Swami Durgananda and Samata Yoga.

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