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Meditation for Reiki

June 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 188

Reiki training begins with meditation. My students and I always sit in a circle together. Sometimes we meditate in silence; other times, we use a guided chakra meditation as described in chapter four. Meditation is an essential aspect of spiritual and personal growth because it calms the mind and opens the channels for energy to flow freely through you. Meditation deepens mindfulness, which is essential during both the healing process and in your daily experience of life. As a healer, it's important to be aware of what patients are feeling energetically, emotionally and physically. You need to be tuned into the person moment by moment so you can effectively support them and guide them through the healing process.

Please take note: Meditation is not just concentration!!! Everywhere I travel, I meet people young and old who claim they cannot meditate. The truth is, they cannot concentrate, and they mistakenly consider this to be a failure. Meditation involves much more than concentration. Mindfulness (bare attention) is a vital method for knowing your deep self, recognizing your true feelings and thoughts as they occur, for gaining awareness of your strengths and weaknesses, biases and fears. By being aware of all these aspects of self, you gain control over them. You will no longer be controlled by thoughts and feelings that constantly occur, automatically and subconsciously in your mind.

By knowing yourself, you learn to release your attachment to that self. This release allows the energy of the universe to flow unhindered by the limitations and illusions of your human ego. The purpose of meditation is to be aware of the wandering of the mind and to bring it back to a point of focus. A great benefit of training in this level of awareness is psychological healing. Depression can effectively be treated with this technique as described in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Theory for Depression (2001)by Segal, Williams and Teasdale.

It is helpful to meditate before any Reiki training, healing or distance healing. The basic meditation technique involves observing your breathing at the nostrils or at the abdomen, whichever seems most suitable for you. Carefully observe the sensation of inhaling, observe a pause, and follow the complete exhalation. Any time you are distracted from your focus by thoughts or feelings, simply bring your attention back to the breathing process, your anchor in the here and now. This process allows you to observe thoughts and emotions without getting involved in them. It also heightens your awareness of physical sensations and the flow of energy throughout the body. In Cutting through Spiritual Materialism, Chogyam Trungpa explains that,

In the practice of meditation we neither encourage emotions nor suppress them. By seeing them clearly, by allowing them to be as they are, we no longer permit them to serve as a means of entertaining and distracting us... Meditation involves seeing the transparency of concepts... not just concentrating on one particular point, but including the entire situation of life.

Trungpa also warns us to be careful because the practice of concentration can reinforce the ego. Remember, mindfulness does not mean concentration. Mindfulness is essentially based on the present moment, not seeking particular results or levels of awakening, which would be the goals of the ego. Just be in the moment; observe it and experience as it is for what it is. Finally, he writes that, "whenever we have a dualistic notion such as, "I am doing this because I want to achieve a particular state of consciousness... then automatically we separate ourselves from the reality of what we are." With these parameters in mind, I would like to suggest a few basic steps to help tune your mindfulness to the present moment. Further meditation techniques are explained in later chapters.

  • Begin by sitting 20 minutes per session
  • Observe the breath as it passes through the nostrils or observe the rising and falling of your abdomen with each breath
  • When your mind wanders, bring it back to observing the breath
  • Mentally scan your body from head to foot, from foot to head (body scan)
  • Observe all sensations without attachment, without analysis
  • Maintain attention on your breathing
  • Be aware of each thought that arises, without attachment

Meditation helps us penetrate the neurotic thought pattern that is the fringe of the ego. In the practice of meditation, Trungpa further explains that all thoughts are the same: pious thoughts, beautiful thoughts, religious or calm thoughts are still all thoughts. The point is not merely to cultivate calm thoughts and suppress so-called neurotic thoughts. Nevertheless, with most of us being so mundanely human, we are still very busy attempting to rid ourselves of irritation, too busy seeking distractions from ourselves to look into the material that we have right here inside of us. The point of meditation is getting beyond the words, techniques and ideas and diving into what we truly are.

Yeah, so, meditation is tricky! Please forgive the convoluted nature of this approaching paragraph. I would like to try to summarize thousands of years of teachings, my own decade of meditating and dozens of books on the subject into a few concise lines: Begin by focusing on the breath, becoming aware of the breath, mindful of distractions and mental discourse, bringing focus back to the breath, but not merely for the sake of concentration; calm the mind enough to see clearly, but not simply to achieve calmness; meditate to generate piercing insight into the true nature of things as they are, without attaching to this accomplishment, going beyond the "me" who meditates; transcend the separation between the one meditating and the breath being observed; don't establish that duality in the first place; breathing is breathing, rather than me and my ego are breathing. Towards the end of your meditation session, send loving kindness to all beings; be aware that you are not really "sending" because we are all already one; thus, meditation involves being the compassion... Meanwhile, maintain mindfulness of the breath as a tool of focus, but without attachment to the tool and without attaching to power or concentration, but rather, being in the moment without mental discourse, yet aware as any feeling or thought arises... so the mind goes...

All of the articles I've written so far discuss a lot of ideas directly related to Reiki and other concepts such as quantum physics and meditation that can supplement your understanding and appreciation of Reiki. Of course, no amount of explanation is capable of substituting for your personal experience of Reiki energy. Receiving Reiki from a healer will amplify your personal insight into Reiki exponentially. In fact, many people come to my clinic not to study or get healed, but to learn for themselves what Reiki is all about and how it resonates with them. The response is often an emphatic "Wow!" although some people don't really notice any sensations at all during the process. The only way to know is to try it yourself. Neither those who believe nor confirmed skeptics can say with any certainty what the nature of Reiki is like until having received the energy. Oddly enough, even after many healings, you may still be at a loss for words to explain how Reiki feels to you.

In upcoming articles, I explain the techniques that are generally covered in Reiki 1 training.

To learn more about Reiki healing and training in Thailand, please visit my websites:

Best wishes,


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