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Working With Common Core State Standards in Today's Math Curriculum

February 20, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 123

The Common Core State Standards initiative is a relatively new idea in modern education. Based around a set of standards for core academic subjects, including math instruction, the common core model is meant to ensure that all students reach the end of each school year with knowledge of the same concepts and proficiency in the same skills. Adding a virtual learning component with tools such as online math games to the classroom gives teachers a new and engaging way to present these standards to their students. 

New Standards, New Methods

As common core state standards are being implemented across the US, other modern educational methods are gaining popularity. The idea of differentiated instruction, in which teachers mix group lessons with individualized attention, is meant to tailor the classroom experience to the specific needs of each student. Kids all learn in different ways and at different paces, which makes it a challenge to impart the same knowledge and skill sets across the board. Virtual learning environments that include online games can take some of the difficulty out of teaching to the latest standards by providing teachers with educational tools that address not only the necessary curriculum but also the unique academic needs of children at the elementary school level.

Adapting the Classroom to Meet Student Needs

With the modern class size often being between twenty and thirty students, creating an adaptive learning environment requires more than just organization. Teachers have to constantly observe their students and respond to differences in learning style and skill level as well as a host of other factors that influence students' academic abilities from day to day. This becomes much easier with the help of virtual teaching tools. Computer- and web-based activities are able to respond immediately to individual needs based on the input from each student. As a child plays an online game or manipulates objects in a virtual environment, the program can automatically adapt itself to his or her current skill level and personal academic requirements.

Progress Monitoring For Academic Success

To ensure that each student is on track with the new common core state standards, teachers must monitor progress throughout the year. Using online games and other web-based learning tools can make this easier than relying on traditional benchmark testing methods. Individually testing each child puts undue stress on both students and teachers and can take away from valuable time in the classroom. But online tools can compile a much more comprehensive report on student progress, giving teachers feedback that they can go to whenever they need to know where a particular student's strengths and weaknesses are.

Since most states in the US have adopted or are working to adopt common core state standards, it's important for teachers to be able to properly implement the updated curriculum. Online math games, virtual manipulatives and real-time feedback on progress are all useful tools when it comes to bringing common knowledge to a large group of students. By combining online learning with textbooks and seat work, teachers can present math and other important subjects in a way that helps to ensure each child is getting the education he or she needs to succeed in higher grades.

Jim Wheelin writes about many different educational topics for parents and kids. Recently, he has been researching for fun math games that provide common core state standards to ensure kids' success. Jim also likes to test interactive educational resource such as

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