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MMA Clothing and Muay Thai Techniques: Chok, Ti Sok, Te, Ti Khao, Thip

June 13, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 196

Muay Thai techniques use your entire body and provide a great work out. Many of the moves have been adapted over the years as other forms of MMA have become well known. It is important that you wear MMA training gear that will enable flexibility. When you are carrying out kicks or knee techniques, jogging bottoms will restrict you, you will really need to wear shorts. All forms of MMA training are intense and hard work, to intensify a work out and to cut weight sweat suits are a good piece of MMA clothing to wear.

Punching (Chok)

Jab, Cross, Hook, Swing, Spinning Backfist, Uppercut and Cobra Punch are the main techniques used, the techniques depend a lot on your stance. For example, for a cross you would have you left foot slightly in-front of your right foot and you would strike with your right fist (or vice versa), this moves your right arm across your body instead of the straight strike you would get if you used your left fist. Many of these techniques have been adapted for western boxing punches. Parries to change the direction of the strike can be an effective defensive technique, for example if your opponent uses a jab a downwards tap will send the jab off target. When sparring you will need the correct sparring gloves, each set of gloves are measured in ounces you can find sparring glove at most MMA clothing retailers.

Elbow (Ti Sok)

Elbow Slash, Horizontal Elbow, Uppercut Elbow, Forward Elbow Thrust, Reverse Horizontal Elbow, Spinning Elbow, Elbow Chop, Double Elbow Chop, Mid-Air Elbow Strike are the main techniques used, an important part of mastering this technique is mastering the guard. For Example you would start in the standard stance with your fists at eye level, if using your right elbow, your right hand would come across your face and rest under the left side of your chin, you left hand would come up to cover your forehead. This is important when using andelbow as it only has a small striking range you cannot leave yourself vulnerable when you step into the move.

Kicking (Te)

Straight Kick, Roundhouse Kick, Diagonal Kick, Half Shin Half Knee Kick, Spinning Heel Kick, Down Roundhouse Kick, Axe Heel Kick, Jump Kick, Step-Up kick are the techniques used. For those who have not done a martial art before it is useful to know that when you strike you do not make contact with your foot, your shin should make contact. The reason for not using the top of your foot to make contact is because your foot contains many small bones, making contact with you shin reduces the risk of injury and using your shin has a stronger level of impact. A popular defensive move against kicks is the shin block. Remember jogging bottoms will not be appropriate even when training as they restrict movement and will not enable to carry out the moves to the best potential, shorts are ideal for training in, you can buy these at any MMA clothing retailer.

Knee (Ti Khao)

Straight Knee Strike, Diagonal Knee Strike, Curving Knee Strike, Horizontal Knee Strike, Knee Slap, Knee Bomb, Flying Knee, Step-Up Knee Strike are some of the techniques used. Again as with all the moves it is important to keep your guard up and keep your balance. With some of these moves you can also see the boxer holding the opponent head in a clench and bringing the knee upward.

Foot Thrust (Thip)

Straight Foot Thrust, Sideways Foot Thrust, Reverse Foot Thrust, Slapping Foot thrust, Jumping Foot Thrust are the techniques used. These are defensive techniques that are used to control distance or block attacks. Foot Thrusts are a quick but powerful move that will throw the opponent off balance.

There are a lot more techniques especially defensive techniques to learn, yet with all the moves that you learn keeping your guard up and your balance is important. The six categories of defensive techniques are, blocking, redirection, avoidance, evasion, disruption, anticipation.

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