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How To Train For The Ancient Art Form Of T'ai Chi For The First Time

February 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 141

If ever you decide to do T'ai Chi and do it on a regular basis, you will find improvement in your body on a physical level as well as on a mental level. Perhaps "though", if you are one of those people who have considered doing T'ai Chi simply because you are curious. Sometimes wondering how it feels, or maybe you have seen it easily done and it looks like fun. All the better, not only are you undertaking the art with a good attitude, but you just might end up with better health. On the other hand, let's say since T'ai Chi is a martial art, your eventual goal is to be like Bruce Lee, and learning how to fight and protect yourself. In this event, you would be better off looking into an external martial art, such as judo or karate. For T'ai Chi is an internal martial art, meaning that it places more emphasis on internal power, the qi (life energy) and the mind. Although T'ai Chi is one of the most effective martial arts, it will take a longer time to apply it to self-defence, than it will with an external martial art. T'ai Chi places more emphasis on improving your mental ability and health rather than muscle power. It stresses working from within first, which helps build a strong, yet soft, inner power. This can be done whatever age someone is. If you have decided to give T'ai Chi a try, you should realize that just doing this art form will not do much for you. To reach your goal, you would need to form a partnership with T'ai Chi. The formula for this is motivation plus T'ai Chi equals success. Regular and correct practice is the main contributor to the success of learning this ancient art. Be prepared to practice regularly, starting with a daily session that is realistic for you-even just a few minutes-then building up to 30-60 minutes a day. To prevent injury, warm up before each practice session, and do the cool-down exercise after each session.

While training listen to your body, you should feel comfortable, not over-tired and never in pain. Try to wear loose clothing and flat shoes. Dress in layers, so that you can easily adjust your temperature when you get too hot or too cold. As a T'ai Chi novice, do not expect immediate satisfaction. It takes a while for this art to prove its powers. Set a regular practice time, so your T'ai Chi practice becomes part of your daily routine. When starting your practice, work out a goal for the session-for example, to remember the sequence; or a technical point, such as better control of your movements. Be sure to set a goal that is challenging but not over-challenging. Check the goal frequently while training This will assist you to become more focused and be in the flow. Set yourself a realistic deadline for achieving your goals. For example, if your goal is to lower blood pressure, allow 12 weeks. Many studies show measurable health effects take this time. Meanwhile, along the way, you will not only enjoy yourself but you will feel better "as well". Try to practice with someone else, especially when you are unmotivated. Be gentle with yourself. Stay within your comfort range for level of exertion and length of practice session. Do all movements in a slow manner continuously and smoothly, familiarize yourself with the movements, they will begin to flow more easily and feel more graceful. Try and breathe easily in a slow and natural way. As you become used to doing the moves, try to coordinate them with your breathing, as instructed return to your natural breathing, if you feel any discomfort. Gradually increase up the length and number of training sessions, aiming for about 1 hour for most days. A simple sign, of how long your practice session should be, is to make them about the same length of time, as your steady walking pace. Continue your training only for as long as you feel at ease. Listen to your whole body and rest when starting to feel tired, are in pain or lose concentration.

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