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How T'ai Chi Helps To Improve Your Health And Lifestyle

February 17, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 130

In a nutshell, T'ai Chi will keep people actively healthy and happy. It is amazingly effective for easing, stress health and fitness. Besides that, it is fun. Studies have shown that this ability works wonders on health such as conditions relating to arthritis, heart disease, type two diabetes, respiratory diseases and other serious chronic illnesses. In addition, it improves balance, prevents falls, aids proper posture, and helps build immunity to disease, and if that is not enough, this art also counters mental illness, depression and stress. Almost anyone can learn T'ai Chi. Learning is inexpensive; this art form is practiced almost anywhere. For the most part, the movements are slow and gentle, and one can easily adjust the degree of exertion to suit oneself. Originating in ancient China, this art is a highly effective form of work-out for your health of mind and body. Although an ancient art, with a lot of depth of knowledge and skill, it is extremely easy to master and soon delivers its full health benefits. For many people, it continues as a lifetime journey. There are many different styles and forms of T'ai Chi, the main ones being Chen, Yang, Wu, another Wu (actually are two different words in Chinese) and Sun. Each form has its own unique features, although most styles share similar, important, essential principles. These include the mind integrating with the body and fluidity of movement; control of your breathing; and mental concentration. The main focus is to enable the life force, to run smoothly and powerfully throughout the entire body. A complete harmony of the inner and outer self arrives from being integrated of mind and body, achieved through the continuing practice of T'ai Chi.

Medical and fitness authorities say that effective exercise for health should also include three components: cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and flexibility. Cardiovascular fitness means a greater heart-lung capacity. A nice supply of blood and oxygen is necessary for maintaining your health and for healing any disease that you might have. In 1996, a study carried out covering 126 post-heart-attack patients. They were all randomly chosen to take part in either a T'ai Chi class or an aerobic fitness class or a non-exercise support group. All the patients from the T'ai Chi group came out with a better cardiovascular fitness level, and lower blood pressure than the other patients from the non-exercise group. Furthermore, 80 per cent of the people included the T'ai Chi group continued to practice of T'ai Chi meanwhile the non-exercise support group maintained only 10 per cent of its original membership. The aerobic group retained fewer of its members than the T'ai Chi group and their diastolic blood pressure reading did not improve. By strengthening our muscles, we can keep these joints stable and well protected. Of course, we also need all our muscles to move and when we move they should pump fluid throughout the entire body, improving the functions of our organs and joints. Many well-known sports people suffer from osteoarthritis resulting from injuries. They are able to perform at their highest peak level because their strong muscles will protect their joints and significantly reduce the pain of osteoarthritis. After they retire from their active sports, however, and their training lapses, all their muscles will weaken. Arthritis flares up. Perhaps we can conclude that they taken up T'ai Chi upon retirement they would have stayed in shape and enjoyed a much healthier, happier retirement.

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