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Get To Know The Various Brazilian JiuJitsu Techniques

June 07, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 185

Brazilian jiujitsu is a mix of Japanese martial arts and Kodokan judo and first gained recognition when the first, second, and fourth Ultimate Fighting Champhionships in 1990 were won by Royce Gracie, a fighter who practices Brazilian jiujitsu. Royce Gracie's winnings have led to many MMA fighters to start training this martial art and it has become the key to other fighters' winnings as well.

It is normal to see submission holds, such as chokeholds and joint-locks in this type of martial art, considering that it focuses a lot on ground fighting techniques. It enables a physically weaker person to get hold of his opponent using leverage so that he/she can defend himself/herself and defeat his/her opponent. This is the reason why Brazilian jiujitsu is highly recommended by many as a good martial art to learn if you have self-defense in mind.

The two main sets of training for Brazilian jiujitsu includes sparring or rolling, where there are certain rules to be followed, thereby preventing the possibility of injuries occurring, and alive drilling play, which is pretty much spontaneous and unbound by rules.

In this martial art, the fighters tend to submit their opponent to the ground. The best possible maneuver to do this and defeat the opponent is the guard position, which includes wrapping one's legs around the opponent, thereby inhibiting his movements and foiling any retaliation or counter attacks. Brazilian jiujitsu differs from judo in the fact that the matches are mostly ground-based. It also involves a lot of grappling, which gives weaker fighters a better chance to subdue the strength and power of the stronger and bigger opponents.

Ranking in Brazilian jiujitsu is similar in judo in that they use belts, starting from white, working up to blue, purple, brown, black, and all the way to red belt. Reaching the red belt will take one lots of years, practice and a ton of discipline on the part of the martial art practitioner. People who achieve the red belt at the age of 67 are normally those who have started practicing and training Brazilian jiujitsu when they were still 19 years old. Of course, that means all the intervening years have to be spent training in the art. This color belt system is for adults, whereas for children the belt ranking starts with white and then continues to grey, yellow, orange and the highest ranking belt for kids is green.

Aside from being a martial art, Brazilian jiujitsu is also a sport. People look at this martial art as a way or means to not only harness one's body but also build up one's character. For many people, it is a way of life - or a Do - and is ranked right up there beside aikido, judo, karate, kendo, and other disciplines.

When it comes to clothes, this martial art requires having a uniform called Gi that is similar to judogi. Unlike judogi, it is tighter at the end of the trousers and jackets so that the movements are easier and not obstructed by any extra fabric. Kimono is also another term used for the uniform.

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