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Best Cage Fighting Styles

June 11, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 246

Not all martial arts disciplines are created equal when it comes time to compete in the Mixed Martial Arts arena. You want to look for a style that provides the best qualities to be successful and make it to the top.

Focus all your energy on the areas of striking, grappling, and ground and pound to be a superior fighter. Mastering one of these styles will produce great results, but to make it to the top requires an expert knowledge of all 3 categories. The old style of focusing all ones time and effort in one discipline will not give favorable results as it would have in the past.

Where should a fighter spend their valuable time and energy? If you take a look at most of the top-level fighters of today, you will find they are cross training in a few select styles that produce the best results in the areas of striking, ground and pound, and submission grappling.

Disciplines tailored to Cage Fighting


Boxing provides the first and primary source of offense for anyone looking to jump into the cage. Boxing provides the necessary footwork for efficient movement and gives the fighter blocking techniques by way of head movement and counter punches. Nothing will end a fighter quicker than one well-placed fist to the jaw or temple of the head.

Muay Thai

A devastating striking style that focuses on using the knees and elbows as well as punches and kicks to produce as much damage as possible to an opponent. The clinching techniques used by this style enable a fighter to control and set up devastating elbows, knees, and sweeps. Fighters in this style are at an elite level of conditioning in order to give and take a high volume of continuous punishment.


A wrestler focuses their energy on taking an opponent down to the mat and keeping them their. Once this is achieved, they incorporate a ground and pound style that forces an opponent to expend a great deal of energy when trying to get up. Wrestling provides the best takedowns in cage fighting and allows the fighter to control where the fight will go.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter is at home on the ground and uses leverage to stay calm and relaxed until they are ready to strike with a submission attack. The Jiu-Jitsu expert relies heavily on joint locks and chokes as the principal offensive force which enables the fighter to attack without striking. Having the ability to manipulate positions on the ground ensures that the BJJ practitioner will always be in control even when in a bad spot.

All fighters want to condition themselves to be able to go where the fight takes them without running out of energy. It doesn't matter if it is standing, on the ground, or against the cage. Focusing on one style will not give you the necessary strength and endurance to last an entire fight.

Every fighter will have their dominate style that they will rely on and enjoy the most. It is important to not overlook the 3 areas of striking, ground and pound techniques, and submission grappling skills to become an accomplished and effective fighter. How long you last in competition fighting is determined by it.

Mass Bay BJJ offers classes in Jiu Jitsu Basics for the Boston BJJ student. Focus your efforts on No GI Jiu Jitsu and learn effective submissions like the Kimura BJJ submission.

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