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How to Make Successful Flyers for House Cleaning

April 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 306

Flyers for house cleaning can be used specifically to target local potential clients, making them a direct marketing tool. You can even print your own flyer in the comfort of your home. Adequate and effective planning and designing of your flyer will make sure that it gets noticed by the customers you are hoping for.

Use the proven and tested tips below to make an effective flyer for your house cleaning service.

Decide on an Attention-Grabbing Headline

The headline is the first thing that will catch the attention of your readers. It should be striking to compel and entice your readers to read the entire text. Create a great headline that highlights the benefits of choosing your service. It has been proven through research that promotional headlines containing the words: New, Now, You, Your and How are effective in stimulating a positive response from your readers. Using your business name as part of the headline is discouraged. It usually deters the readers from reading through the rest of the text.

Select Good Graphics

A picture speaks a thousand words. As such, the image that you choose for your flyers for house cleaning must be perfect to send the message that you want to come across with. It is more advisable to choose a single large photo rather than putting up a number of smaller photos. The image should be positioned at the center of the top half of the page to establish a strong visual focal point.

Write your Text

Write a compelling, but truthful text. State the essential facts about your service clearly and concisely. Wordy and flowery text will only lose your reader's interest. When designing your flyers for house cleaning, use short sentences to enhance comprehension. To highlight numerous things it is advisable to use bullets or numbers. Create a central topic regarding your service that you want to highlight all throughout the text of your fliers.

Include testimonials in your text. Real endorsements and testimonials about your service is a great way to encourage customers to employ your service. They give your customers tangible evidence of the worth of your service. Indicate the full name of the person giving the testimonial to ensure credibility. You can also include a thumbnail photo of the person. Always be sure you have their permission to use their image and quote.

Include a Call to Action Statement

Provide good motivation to inspire your readers to take appropriate action and contact you immediately. You can offer time bounded special offers or promos to compel customers to take action as soon as possible. Include your contact details or business address to allow prospective clients to contact you.

Now you can distribute your fliers to your target audience. As much as possible, distribute your fliers for house cleaning in areas where you provide your service. Distribute them in areas where many people frequent: especially moms who are the ones generally in charge of household chores. You can also send your fliers for house cleaning through the mail of your prospective clients.

To ensure successful flyers for house cleaning, employ the best online printing company that can provide you optimum quality print. Visit us at Conquest Graphics online.

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