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How to Use Your Mobile Phone for Direct Sales Marketing

June 25, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 182

Many people spend many countless of hours driving from one location to another. Others spend a good amount waiting - either in the car or on-site. You can either use your smartphone to kill time or use it productively to build your direct sales business while on the go.

Having a mobile phone with data can keep you in the loop for urgent emails; follow up on a new lead, or touch base with a new customer base. Using mobile to build your business is another way to reach and connect with potential customers and meet them wherever they are. This is important because not everyone sits at home but if your target audience has mobile data and you do too, it's a great way to reach them, while they're on the go.

Here's what Ziamond, an online jewelry company, has to say about mobile marketing:

"Mobile users were making purchases from their mobile devices and we wanted to make their mobile shopping experience faster, easier and better. "

If you're working with a hot lead, you can respond as soon as possible. If there's an issue with a team member or an unhappy customer, You can take care of it sooner rather than later.

Today's iPhone gives me the flexibility to build a business while on the go and instantly. This could be the difference between signing up a new customer or not because people want answers quickly.

If you come in contact with a potential client who has a mobile smartphone, instead of handing out a business card or brochure, try to have them check your website.

Granted this doesn't happen often but being able to gauge their level of interest on the spot allows you to talk about it in the moment. In the past, they may or may not have checked out your website on their own or bother to call.

People get busy, lose interest, and move on to the next thing that catches their attention.

Even if your prospects don't have mobile data but most likely has a phone and texting option. Texting is an alternate option to follow up and stay in touch with your prospects faster.

Not everyone reads their emails right away and sometimes they end up in the spam folder. Texting is another option to reach your prospects in addition to emails or phone calls.

Reaching people by phone can be time consuming and some people don't like being called on. Others prefer getting a text or email to remind me of any upcoming event than a phone call.

These days, it's common practice to Google the person's name, company, or whatever I need and more often than not, while on the go. There's no doubt mobile marketing has grown significantly in recent years:

"ABI Research says sales increase to $3.4 billion this year from $1.4 billion in 2009."

It's convenient and saves time because a lot of times your clients are not at home which means you're more likely to reach me them on mobile.

There are so many ways to use your mobile to build your business while on the go. You can quickly text a message to remind your hostess about an upcoming party or your potential recruit about an opportunity call. More companies are adding shopping apps to make mobile shopping even easier.

John Reyes is a professional business consultant for Boardwalk Business Ventures Inc. In his spare time listens to hip-hop and plays poker.

To learn more about direct selling opportunities click here.

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