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Does Low Cost Catalog Printing Have to Mean Poor Quality?

July 10, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 233

I have some great news for you - low cost catalog printing certainly does not mean you have to put up with poor quality products! The printing business is a hugely competitive one nowadays, and savvy companies can get some great deals on printing costs. But you've got to be prepared to step outside your comfort zone a little, especially if you've always taken your printing projects to the little company down the road, or the print shop you pass every day on your journey into the office.

The internet has been instrumental in opening up a whole new world of competition, because now it's easy to get information and facts quickly.

So what you need to do is a little homework. Carry out a search on Google, something like cheap catalog printing will get you plenty of results. Far too many to be fair, and my advice is you can safely discount most of them. Choose some of the companies in the top 10 search results to research more thoroughly, because these are serious operators whose names won't be there by accident. They've worked hard to appear high in the rankings.

Now it's time to crunch some numbers. Pull together the specifications for your low cost catalog printing project. You'll need to know how many pages, the quality of paper and cover you want, what sort of binding you'd like and so on. If you don't yet know exactly what you're after, go for something in the ball park area.

Enter these specs into the instant quote page of your chosen companies. They'll all have one, and if they don't, you might ask yourself what they've got to hide. You'll very soon have a list of instant quotes to compare. Be prepared to see a wide difference between them!

Now contact a shortlist of companies. Ask them to send you a sample pack. If they're hesitant, or take too long to get this sorted out, you'll likely use this as a reason to rule them out. No matter, this is all about narrowing things down, and highly responsive customer service should be one of the criteria you're judging on.

When you've received the sample catalogs, you can make an informed judgement on quality. Use this as well as the prices you've been quoted to help you make your final decision.

It is possible to achieve low cost catalog printing without sacrificing quality. But don't just take my word for it, get out there, get searching and get great value!

Lesley Carr writes about the ways in which businesses can get better value and better effectiveness from printed marketing and packaging material. To see how your business can save money on top quality printing contact the online printing company that combines all-American customer service with high quality, low cost color printing fulfilled in China.

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