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Do Trade Show Gimmicks Help Attract Traffic to Trade Show Booths?

April 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 180

You might have spent lot of time and money over trade show exhibits. Still, you are at a mile remove of achieving your desired goals. You are clueless as to how to ensure all routes in the trade show floor that teems with visitors should go direct to your booth. To be honest, this is what every trade show booth owner might be looking forward. Some of them gain success, while many of them come a cropper.

However, this is not altogether unachievable. What you can do then while not obtaining desired outcomes even though investing lots of time and money is to go for some healthy gimmicks that help derive desirable results. The very first thing that you can start with to drive traffic to your booth is of course get your booth designed most interestingly, contemporarily and professionally.

A well-lit trade show booth with tasteful fabric designs has always been the best place to start, although none can vouch for sure visits of trade show traffic even if one has got the best booth design. In such circumstance, what one can do when everything else fails is start using off-beat gimmicks. These gimmicks are obviously in the form of attractive giveaways. They have proved to be fairly effective to drive traffic to trade show booth. They are time-tested also. An example would definitely help clarify this point.

Consider giving away recyclable tote bags, for an example, or hiring professional entertainers and see how people visiting the trade show floor are being influenced. Some of them might come to a halt in front of your booth in attraction to the giveaways or simply to enjoy the funny scenes created by merry-andrew. Whatever attractions draw them in, your purpose of selling your brand will be successful.

Again, these gimmickry ways may sometimes render useless. This may happen when you haven't tied creativity in to the making of those giveaways or devising unique plans as to how professional entertainers will be best utilized.

Giving away lucky draw coupons has long been in fashion. Visitors find interest in them because these coupons offer them chances to win different pre-advertised giveaways. This could help you promote your brand in an impactful manner.

Some examples of the giveaways include graphic designed water bottles, retractable pens, foldable can coolie, and several such items, besides lucky draw coupons. They can definitely help increase the numbers of visitors to your trade show booth by giving them away. If you can ensure steady traffic increment, be sure then that your business would achieve maximum exposure. The wider your business gains exposure, the more your business stands a chance of winning an edge over the competition.

At the same time, companies that represent themselves through trade show booths should not take the visitors for granted as there are many people whom you can't sweet-talk into visiting your booth. They simply look around to know whether your offerings are matching with what they look for. If your business offerings correspond to their searches, then you don't need to use any gimmickry techniques. Traffic will flow in to your booth naturally. But, for this, you have to be very confident about your business offerings and the booth designs should be contemporary and professional.

Image Master Displays manufactures and distributes fabric pop up displays across the world. Graphic designed giveaways are also manufactured by them. The companies that are looking for attractive giveaways with contemporary touches, apart from popup displays, can explore their stocks or even get them custom-designed.

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