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Beach Balls Offer Multifaceted Value

April 17, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 207

Summer events are opportunities for businesses and organizations to break out of their usual corporate mold and have fun with their promotions. Livening up a trade show, corporate event, awareness walk or fundraiser with a lighthearted giveaway can make the difference between attendees feeling tired or inspired. Beach balls are a promotional product that can provide a kernel of an idea that planning, budgeting and outreach can all be revolved around. These inflatable giveaways represent a thematic concept of casual water sports and vacation time, budget friendly pricing and an ability to deliver messages in a number of ways.

Thematic Inspiration - Corporate events and organizational fundraisers are always looking for ways to inspire their attendees. Whether the goal of the event is to raise funds or morale, the theme will play a big part in how successful it is. Organizers who have the idea to use beach balls as a giveaway at their event can roll out the beach or pool party theme to decorations, music, signage and promotional materials. Beach balls can be used during team building exercises, group activities or provide a way to blow off steam during recess or after the obligations of the day.

Keep Costs Down - Budgets are always a concern for organizers. Making sure an event delivers in content, location and schwag is the measure of how successful an event planner is. Maximizing all of these elements while staying within budget is a challenge even for the most experienced planners. A promotional beach ball provides a low cost giveaway that can easily be handed out in a welcome bag or at a registration desk. After receiving this item, attendees can inflate it to its full size, giving it the aura of being a more expensive and valuable giveaway.

Promotional Options - The beach ball can be used to promote an event. Its form while deflated allows it to be included in mail packages, delivering a fun incentive to attend the upcoming fundraiser or corporate retreat. As an alternative, a mini beach ball can serve as an invitation in itself, offering a hint as to what the event will deliver. The theme that is implied by the invitation can increase attendance and interest in the event, meaning more support for fundraisers and awareness events. Increasing conversion rate on invitations can have a huge effect on the success of the event.

Inspiration, cost and flexibility all make beach balls a useful tool for event planners during spring and summer events. The custom imprint delivered on them will live on as the giveaway migrates from event to home, increasing the return on the promotional investment.

Michael Lerner is a recognized expert in the field of promotional products and trade show planning.

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