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What Do Guys Find Attractive - The Four Essentials

April 16, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 171

A lot of females make the mistake of thinking that physical beauty is always what men find appealing. Admittedly, beauty plays a big role into a guy's advance, nevertheless, it does not assure you of a good relationship. Symbols of good relationships will be actresses and stars if this was factual. It's common understanding that this isn't true.

Reasons to want to fascinate men isn't because you want someone to talk to. Oftentimes when girls ask what men find appealing what they really want to know is how to have a relationship with a guy.

Below are four ways on how to interest and appeal to men:

How You Look

This has a lot to do when a man approaches you, yet this doesn't determine whether a commitment will develop between you two. You don't have to be a model or a superstar for a man to find you appealing. You just want to look the most amazing you can. A man will perceive that you take good care of yourself when he sees you wearing nice clothes and your hair tended.

Self-assurance is important

One element men don't want are self-conscious and nervous females. Being too quiet can mean for him that you are not fascinated in him. Self-assurance is a good energy. It projects you feel good about yourself, and that you are having a great time with your life. Being assured in yourself is equals to you not being dependent. And being reliant is a thing men find undesirable. Males find needy females very wearisome and wearying. Are you content? Are you positive when you think of your future? A guy who is positively minded is sure to be interested in happy and positive women.

The Art of Flirting

There are lots of beautiful and riveting women who don't get approached by guys at all. Even if you are lovely men will not instinctively come up to you and approach you. This is more of the case if you are pretty because he has no clue whether you are single or in a commitment. Flirting doesn't have to be complicated. You should throw him a welcoming smile, look away, and then give him a smile again.

If you are not comfortable flirting, you should remember that you don't have a lot at stake in it. Seldom will you see the person again.

You need to learn the art of flirting so that a male is certain that when he approaches you he won't get jilted. Men hate the brush-off as much as females, so if you are giving him signals that you are attracted, he is more expected to come near you.

Live Your Life

A mistake that lots of women make after attracting or hooking a guy is that they put all their energy into pleasing him. Some females stop doing the hobbies they like to do to make space for men. This actually makes a guy wish to spend little time with you. You should remember what drew him to you is your confidence and your energy for life. Stop doing those things and it's a guarantee that he will lose his attraction to you.

Find an equilibrium between spending time with him and having time for yourself. Don't make him an important piece of your life, you will turn out to be needy.

Just continue on living your life the way you did before meeting him.

For further information about how to make a guy fall in love with you, please visit How to Make a Man Fall in Love.

My name is Robyn Lee and I am a dating and relationship trainer to women. I was single for a long time, not because I wasn't a catch, but because I made simple dating mistakes that turned guys off. Since then I've learned how to attract and keep the man of my dreams. I share what I have learned with women across the world so they can create good relationships with guys.

If you want more facts on how to appeal to men, visit

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