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5 Ways to Make Your Husband Feel Loved

April 16, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 249

In any relationship, respect is a key element that needs to be there. Men need respect and love, both. Some say respect is a huge issue for many men, hence if you want to have a loving relationship between you and your husband, respect and expression of love are the way to go about.

1. Communicate respectfully with him Men and women differ somewhat in their wants. In the book Love and Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, it is theorized that men and women communicate differently. According to the book, a relationship works best if the woman feels loved and the man feels respected.

You should always communicate respectfully with your man, giving importance to his opinions. Don't talk down to him or belittle him.

2. Don't sweat the small stuff Your husband may forget to do the dishes or his socks may always remain rolled inside his shoes. However, nagging constantly makes you husband feel like he is a child and it is a demeaning act. All spouses have some annoying habits. Even you might have them. If your husband ignores some flaws of yours, you should ignore his too.

Instead of nagging, communicate to your husband what bugs you and how the two of you could fulfill each other's expectations.

3. Give him some space for his hobbies Either you can show an interest in his crazy home inventions or you can just leave your husband to his own devices! Any relationship thrives with independence. Don't be overbearing and let him pursue his hobbies and whatever activities he loves doing. So, if your husband wants to go out and enjoy himself with his friends, let him do so.

4. Show your love through small things A romantic glance, a candlelight dinner at home, a laugh shared together are all small things, which remind him that he is loved and holds a special place in your life. In fact, according to experts, many times these small things are what mean a lot to your spouses. They charm a person's heart.

You can ask your husband what is it that you do that instills in him a feeling of being loved so that you love him in ways that he appreciates.

5. Give him little surprises Plan a surprise outing or cook him his favorite dish. Surprise your man with personalized gifts or any item that he needs. Giving him personalized gifts or any item that he might enjoy, keep the fun and surprise element in your life. Plan activities that you can do together.

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