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Why Is Trust Important in Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship?

March 07, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 153

Maintaining a long distance relationship is never an easy task. Check it out with those who have been through it and most of them would probably tell you the same thing. Absence, indeed, makes the heart grows fonder. Despite all said and done, it is tormenting and mentally distressing if you lack the skills of handling it well enough. So why do people still pursue distant love? It's a part of being irrational and the strong desire of seeking for love. Here are ways on how you can lessen the emotional stress until there is mutual trust in each other.

Trust is one of the most vital factors in maintaining a long distance relationship. Broken or betrayed trust shatters into million pieces of glass like a broken mirror. Instilling trust is never easy. Even normal relationships with close proximity can take several years to cultivate trust in each other.

Thus we can say unconditional trust is always present in true love. If you decide to love, you have indirectly made up your mind to trust as well. Many a time's people do not have to outperform their abilities to earn trust from their lovers. A basic level of trust is given along with love. So, let them know you trust the person whole heartedly, even if you are geographically away from them.

It may sound irony, but surveys have shown incidences of betrayal in love are directly linked to insecurity and lack of trust. It is probably difficult in stopping yourself from having wild imaginations and giving unlimited trusts to the person. But at the end of the day, it is not impossible to do if you really love the person. This is enough All you have to do is to have absolute faith.

Do expect rainy days in long distance relationships. Failure to expect emotional woes and 'hidden' frustrations are some of the main reasons in troubled relationships. Some people choose repression, harbouring beliefs that the geographical distance can act as a 'cushion' in supporting excuses and run away from problems. This undoubtedly puts the relationship on tremendous strain and stress. Thus having positive beliefs or negative thoughts can either make or break the long distance relationship.

A relationship that harbours jealousy, doubts and mistrust is never fulfilling and blissful. Though it is easy to cope with physical separation, survival tips are always available to minimise the emotional stress. Having trust means being mature enough to handle tough situations and maintaining a smooth flow of communication throughout this separation period. In short, there is trust when two persons are willing to work together to sustain love.

There are many instances of meeting someone online whom you love so much and wanting to start a long distance relationship with. Have you ever asked yourself whether you are mentally prepared for this transition? There are tons of advices if you are really keen in it but maintaining virtual relationships can really stretch tolerance, patience and hearts of two persons to an unbearable limit. Here again, we emphasise the need for absolute trust.

While most people try to avoid long distance relationships at all costs, there are also exceptions it eventually blossoms. Trust is given unconditionally when two persons are in love. But sustaining and growing trust is a real challenge. A happy and lasting long distance relationship is always demanding and might sometimes get tough, but as long as you have trust in each other, things will eventually find its way out.

Candace Reis is a proud mother of a 4yr old son. As a single mum, she braved through countless storms and barriers in her life to hold her head up in life. As an ex banker in some of the reowned financial institutions, she currently pursues her new passion in life -- Nursing and caring of her patients. She studied a Diploma in Law from University of London and holds a Graduate Diploma in Marketing Communication in University of Canberra. During her free time, she loves cooking, writing articles and travelling. You can read her articles at HTTP://

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